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Say Bye to Crib – Hello Toddler’s Bed

Say Bye to Crib – Hello Toddler’s Bed

2 years 2 weeks 3 days, it will be the historical day for my baby and us also as her parents, why? Because I and her papa decide it to put away the crib’s bar. it’s time!!!, finally my baby now not more a baby but she is a toddler and welcomes to toddler life, my Princess. and for us, as the parents “Welcome to Transition moment, the new adventure is here!!” So, I have already thought to put away her crib’s bar since a long time (since baby K is 18 months old exactly) but I was rethink and say to myself “wait a bit more, she’s too small to change her crib to be a toddler bed”, then I postponed it but I already talk to her papa and he agrees with me.

Since our discussion about “PUT AWAY” the bars. I tried to look for another bar (more short) during her transition sleep from crib to toddler bed and the important reason is to protect her to not fall down while she sleeps.

Transition time from baby to Toddler

Baby K is kind of baby (or toddler now) who always moving while she sleeps so need to make sure her safety for that. But, the journey for looking that bar is finished with don’t get one for the type of her crib.

Till the time I saw baby K try to climb over the bars and she fell down. So the next day, I directly to put away the bars to avoid her to climb it again. Even, we haven’t found yet the right bar to replace the old one but I take a bit risky to do that. I put away the bars in the morning, and baby K seems really happy to get her bed looks different and she prefers to have a bed without the bar (seem she really love to have her bed like a big kid).

I have tried to put her on her nap to make sure if she could control her body while she sleeps so she will not fall down during a nap. unfortunately, she had her 1st fall while her nap

for 1st trial, She fell down but no cry, just give a sound “BOUMM” and I found her down her bed with a surprised face. And the 2nd trial, it was for the night, it was good for a few hours and continue to wake up at the midnight during those hours she wasn’t fell down from the bed, till 4 a.m. in the morning, “BOUUMMM” you can guess what sound is that?? Was she fell down? Yes, she was.

But, she wasn’t fell down under the bed but, under her mattress. Actually, it was my fault, I didn’t check it out when nap time and it was moved during night sleep.

Transition time from baby to Toddler

So, that early morning we allowed her to sleep with us. And I couldn’t get my sleep back, I felt a bit worried because it won’t work and need to find other ways. Then the new idea is coming on my head (seem early morning is a good time to get new inspirations or idea).

I do a little sketch on my head and say to myself to do it as soon as possible this morning, my idea was making her Crib’s skirt or Bed’s Skirt that could hold her mattress nicely. After that, I do as I planned before and I create that crib’s skirt for her and have tested it for 2 days now and it’s really good, she didn’t fell down because of moving mattress.

About what is the suitable age for baby or toddler to sleep without the crib’s bars? I had a search on the internet and the answers are various but for the age normally between 3 or 4 years old, but there’s a mom who put away the crib as early as 2 years or 2,5 years old because the baby always try to climb into the bars (the same situation of me).

And did baby K could sleep without fall down? So far, baby K is okay she never crying when she wakes up but rather easier for her to reach me as soon as she wakes up not like before that she needs to call me to give a sign if she already wakes up and needs to take her out from her crib.

One that I believe it just needs some consistency and practices all the time to sleep without the bar, as long as she still wants to sleep with that so I will keep continue it and day by day I believe it will be better and she will get to use very quickly.

Some of the parents maybe think if my action to put away the crib’s bar is too early for her age that just 2 years a few week to sleep without bar and it’s not safe and etc., I’ve no offense with that. But, I think every mom has a special sense or maybe the sixth or seventh sense for their baby, I think also every mom could feel how ready their babies or toddlers to do the next step on toddler’s life and so on.

About my action, whatever I always do the trial 1st to know her readiness to have something new and this case is to sleep without the bar.So, for every moms or parent who would like to make the transitions also into your baby or toddler’s bed, don’t afraid to do it if you think your toddler is ready for that, just do it.

as a new mom (like me) we are asking when the perfect time for a toddler to sleep without the crib’s bar, and based all my search, they told me if it will be around 3-5 years but my experience said your toddler could get it as earlier as they are ready for it, and each toddler is different.

If your toddler always interesting with that so you can continue it and if not, Don’t worry we could wait a bit more while we try to find other solutions their transitions, and about the age for me personally, I suggest for the early age for that is 2 years and not less than it. 😀

For me, to put away the crib’s bar and let my baby  toddler sleep without the bar is kind of new challenge in my parenting journey and as a mom and now I’m DONE for this (the new other challenge is waiting)!! How about yours??

KEEP IT UP, moms!!

Happy day moms (and dads, also), and See you in the next post!!

P.S: if you want to make the crib skirt like what I made, you can read here.  

6 thoughts on “Say Bye to Crib – Hello Toddler’s Bed

  1. Congrats on the transition! My first little lady was so happy to do that, she always hated the crib. This time around we went with the Montessori bed on the floor so there is no transition this time! Whew.

    • when your baby becomes a toddler they thought the crib is like a jail? it’s limited all their actions. my toddler always wakes up all the night when she slept in the crib but now, since I take out the crib bar she sleeps well.

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