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The New Adventure is begin

The New Adventure is begin

Eiffel oh Eiffel the dream city of every girl and the city full of romance, it made me want to flash back a while to 2014 when I officially starting my adventure in France. It has been almost 3 years now I was living here (never imagine before), I’ve been passed many new things in my life because I never left home before for a long time to stay in stranger’s place alone without any families next to me, “ wait, are you kidding me? You spend all your life in your family’s house?” yeah…yeah, I know it sounds really weird but it’s reality and I’m not kidding for that. It is normal for Asian like me who spend almost of their ages with their families if they haven’t been married yet (kind of Chinese culture), so 3 years in other’s country without your family, have many differ on culture, languages, manners, food, etc. it wasn’t easy at all, even till now I still enjoy my new life to explore everything new, try to solve a problem alone hmmm not really alone cause my hubby always beside me since we are married ( P.S I and my hubby had been Long Distance Relationship before married).

you’ve said to live in other country is not easy, it’s difficult for the language, culture, bla…bla…bla and why you still choose to stay there? You could stay in my country with your husband!!” Honestly, it was ever been inside my head in my 1st year to live here but I still want to be positive in all the things and because me and my hubby already talk about that before we were get married so I can say it’s already our commitment and need to respect it even sometimes I feel lonely at home, my hubby always be there but when he works it will be changed totally , I was alone and for calling home almost every day I call them even it was my mom who called me 1st hehe, hang out to kill the time?? Hang out alone all the time not really great when your situation in your really don’t understand what other’s talk about and when your body is adapting to the weather super not really nice if you compare with INDONESIA that always in summer time, and the most important for me is I don’t find my Food!!!

The 1st year I really suffer also with the food I lose 5 kg in weeks, did you imagine that?? For the weight I feel a bit happy because that’s what I want to lose a few kg and I think it’s a dream of all of most a girl in the world hahaha, but for tummy and tongue they were upset, they can’t get what they want not like in Indonesia, I can eat whatever I want and specially SPICY food, I’m a fanatic of SPICY food, without chilly or something Spicy I always felt I didn’t eat anything. So feel homesick more cause of FOOD, hopefully, there is many Thailand restaurant and the taste of food nearly have the same taste like Indonesian food.

In my 2nd year I felt better to live here even the culture shock I had still remaining but I can handle it, no problem :D, everything starts to be a little bit easy and maybe hormone also works on it, cause at this year it was the year where I really enjoy my moment as MOM to be, I felt excited, blooming cause of pregnancy hormones:). Everything going very nice on that year, I have a little progress in my French (I’ve started my free lesson from OFII), my tummy and my tongue can be a little bit friendly with the foods here. Day by day, everything much better till there is something that makes me a bit stress here and by the way, 2 years is enough to make me feel comfortable to live here, and I have many positive sides from that it’s a bit like I appreciate more my life each second to enjoy it from the small things to the important things.

So, this is my flashback story when my new adventure was begun and still processing till now, and France especially PARIS is really a beautiful city but it is same as other cities behind their charms always hiding something you never imagine before till you experience it by yourself (link about hidden fact of Paris city). Now my 3rd year here I still think if I still limited to enjoy more this place but I hope I could explore more this place together with my lovely partners to motivate me more :). Ciao!!



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