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The Blogger Recognition Award – My 1st Award

The Blogger Recognition Award – My 1st Award

This month I have bad and good news, where should I start maybe for the bad one first. The bad one is my laptop is already hibernating for a month and PC at home also hibernating soon!! Which means I had difficulty to blog,😒😒 So for now, I’m using my hubby’s laptop and using my phone for drafting (I wish my laptop coming back soon).

Ok, now. What’s the good news?? The good news is…..


I’ve been nominated for BLOGGING RECOGNITION AWARD!!! YeayyπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰


I never imagine if I could have that!!, I feel like flyiiiing when I know I’ve been nominated, and I feel proud of myself about it (may I?? Yess sure!!).


But wait, What’s that The Blogger Recognition Awards?


Okay, let me tell you, The Blogger Recognition Award is given to bloggers by bloggers, to show the appreciation for the hard work. FYI, being a blogger isn’t easy and it needs more time, more efforts, and more emotions for giving the best for reader and ourselves also for sure.

So at the 1st, before I’m drowning too far into my happiness, I would like to say thank you thank you and thank you for Cheryl De Marco ( who nominated me for this award, this is such honored to have this award.

If you haven’t heard about her and you love everything about fashion, So her blog is for you, she writes about the fashion, DIY and pssst… she loves to give you some giveaways each month. don’t hesitate to visit her lovely blog.


The Blogger Recognition Award



lets we start from how I start blogging. Honestly, I start blogging because I saw many pins about blogs in my Pinterest and I started to open link by link and I felt interesting with that and want to try it out, and before I have my friend who already start to blog before me and seems she’s happy with that.

Because of that, I thought about start blogging, but before I do a long discussion with my hubby untilΒ I decide “Okay, I want to do a blog”. It takes me almost a year to say that, because like other new bloggers, I didn’t know how it’s work this world, Blog world is New for me, and I have also had some problem that usually new blogger had like to choose the name, to find the right niche, etc.

And why I’m blogging? I have a classic reason that almost all bloggers will say. First, I want to share about what I’ve got to help or motivate or give all the positive thing for blog for this moment is all about mom life and all of my experiences being the 1st time mom who living abroad with many culture shock at the beginning of new life.

Second, IΒ would like to have some cents from it like other bloggers do at this time (monetized) but for now, I still don’t do it, I’m in learn mode for this and I will try it soon. I have a dream to work at home and keep my toddler and family all the time with me. Third, I would like to have a new experience and to challenge myself into it. As before, I really don’t know how to write a post or an article and about the blog world.



Hmm, I don’t know what kind of advice I should give but when you start to think ” I want to blog” it’s better to do it as soon as possible. Don’t too much over thinking about that.

Maybe some of you still have more doubt or worries before you start it ( like I had before) like I don’t know how to start, what I should write, will they like my post, etc.

I can say you start by plan it. What I mean like prepare the name of your blog, choose which platform you want to do blog, buy the domain etc.

And what you should write, start from what you like more? Fashion?Automotive? Eating? Crafting?etc. And how if one day I stuck and no have idea for writing? Don’t panic, take your time and there are many ways to make your blog active.

And for other questions, you just need to believe in you if you can do it. For writing skill, you can get it with a time because you always learn new things while you do a blog.

RESEARCH and be CONNECT with other bloggers, everyone needs to do research all the time to get some information that you haven’t know before, to learn new thing. And, to connect with other blogger or anyone is really important. You can learn, share, support, motivate and help each other by connecting with them.

There are many reasons why you start to blog but for me, one is important to remember “If you want to succeed at something you need to love it” with that you will be motivated to do it till the end.



When I’ve told everybody if I have this awards many of them congratulate me for that. And honestly, it’s not an easy job ever to pick which blogs I should nominate as they have wonderful blogs. but, whatever I need to pick them and here are my 15 fabulous bloggers that I’m nominating for this awesome award.


Please continue this and help more fabulous bloggers be recognized and don’t forget to check out all the blogs above, they are definitely worth visiting!


  • Take the time to thank the blogger who nominated you, and provides a link to their blog
  • Write a post to show your award
  • Gube a brief story how your blog started
  • Give pieces of advice to new bloggers
  • Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to
  • Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them, provide the link to the post you created

Once again I really big thanks to Cheryl De Marco for giving me this chance!! and Congratulations for 15 Nominations, you are Awesome !!!


Oh yeah, wanna connect with me, come and follow me on my social media !!! Let’s Be Friend πŸ™‚
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15 thoughts on “The Blogger Recognition Award – My 1st Award

  1. Sella, thank you for considering my blog for nomination. Blogging as I am learning is at times challenging, but so rewarding. It requires amounts of energy, determination, drive, and dedication that I didn’t know I had inside me. This past weekend I posted two new posts to my blog and because of poor time management, I was up late completing them. I was beyond tired and my brain didn’t want to see or type another word, but after some whining to my husband and a few tears–I finished and it was an amazing feeling. Now, I am not saying finishing these posts was as rewarding feeling as when I gave birth to my son, but it was a close runner up–because in that moment I felt like I gave birth to something that one day, if I work hard enough will be amazing. Blogging will push you and test your will-power, but if you hang in there it will make you a strong, better, and more resilient person. So, with that being said, I applaud you and your chosen nominees–for coming as far as you have in your journey. I commend all of you for the blood, sweat, and tears you have put into your blogs. For the long agonizing nights and hours you had to put in to learn your craft and that you spent writing. And thank you for inspiring individuals like myself who are fairly new to blogging, to continue to push and work harder, so that I may one day get nominated for such an amazing award. Congratulations, to everyone! πŸ™‚ I am truly happy for you all. May your blogs continue to grow and be prosperous.

    • thanks, and you’re welcome, my Dear. maybe for this time it’s not yours but you know why behind the hard work it always something wonderful, Keep it up!! our journey is still long and don’t ever give up πŸ™‚ keep continue, for posting, oh don’t worry about that, little by little you will have a good management of time and you will grow more and more πŸ™‚ Courage!!!

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