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What should you know about The Blogger Awards?

What should you know about The Blogger Awards?

Are you a blogger?? need any appreciation for what you’ve done to your blog? I feel you guys!! I know being a blogger isn’t easy like what other people think. Most of the people who don’t know how the blogger life is will think “Oh, being a blogger is an easy job ever, you just need to write and publish it!!”

hello people!! That’s not so easy as you think, we are the blogger had many works to do before we hit the “publish” on our blog, and why we do that? It’s for you people!! We write better to make you can read clearly and get the right information.

If you don’t believe me so you can try yourself to being a blogger first. LOL, so whatever, we are the blogger need some kind of appreciation on that.

blogger award


So, talking about the appreciation, recently as you know I’ve posted about the sunshine blogger award, if you haven’t read yet you can check out here, and for my Liebster awards also about my very 1st award is here.

And what are those awards mean? Personally, those awards are kind of appreciation for my hardworking being a blogger for this 5 months. YES! 5 months, I just start my blog in June and I’ve got 3 awards and almost at the same time,


How can you get that? You are just a new blogger.


Yes, I know I’m a new blogger  So What?


maybe my blogging life or experience is still lower than the senior blogger, but please take a note, being a new blogger it doesn’t mean I do not deserve to get those awards.

and in my last post, there is someone who commented about how I could be nominated for these awards.

And I would like to answer him but, Before I talk too far about it, I would like you to get to know what’s exactly those awards.

So, what are those awards?? as what we know in general, the award is kind of appreciation, prize or something to say thank you! You’ve done something for this or that.

And the award has existed also in blog’s world and there are 2 types of the award that I know. First is real award from one community blogger that been given in real life and the virtual one, that’s mean it given virtually or online.

Now, I will talk more about the award that is given virtually ( as I had 3 now). for this moment I just know 3 types of the award that been given virtually;




What are those things? that’s a good question and many new bloggers asking about this. so basically, these awards are given by a blogger to other bloggers with the purpose to appreciate and support each other in writing content, as to write a post is need more time, hard work and etc. and also to introduce you and your blog (or existing).

it works like a link chain, that’s mean once you’ve been nominated you need to nominating other bloggers and you need to post your award and their blog link. And you need to respect the rules each award before you post it. Like you need thank the person who nominates you by linking back to their blog and nominate such other blogger like I mention, and the important is you need to do ask your reader to visit all the links.

Besides that, some of the award that asking to make 11 questions to answer by a person who nominated. And the questions could be anything, you can asking about blogging experience, the favorite food, etc. with purpose, the reader will know you more.

For nominating, how many bloggers will need to nominate? Usually is around 5-10 bloggers with any niches, so everyone could have this, even you are in parenting niche, business niche, beauty niche, etc.

And there is any requirement before we nominating other bloggers like they should have < 200 followers ( it’s very clear if what they need is NEW BLOGGER) but if you’ve been blogging for a few years and don’t have more than 200 followers you can be nominated and what need to know is not all awards have the same rules or requirement for nominating other bloggers.

then, how you can be nominated and nominating?? I could say Thanks to Facebook Groups. as you know the role of Facebook Groups have a really big impact on my blog, like getting more traffic, support and also about the awards.

So, on that Facebook Group, there will be someone who asked anybody who would like to be nominated for such awards. And what you do just drop your link and wait till they send you the message private on facebook.

Did you asking about how they could choose the blogger for nominating?? honestly, I don’t have any idea how they could choose me as their nomination, but when I need to choose, I ‘ve my own way to choose my nomination.

So, I will check their blog by visit it, checking their “about” and their archive to get to know if how long they had been blogging as all my awards mostly are for the new blogger. And I will read some of their posts, get to know what they write about and for the blog appearance.

after that, I will choose them being my nominations. Once it was done, I will publish the post of that and tell them about my post with their blog link inside and they need to visit it for getting know the rules or what they need to do after.

If, one of your nomination is rejecting to accept how it will work? Actually, it shouldn’t happen as when we ask on facebook group is for people who interested with that. But whatever it happen to me TWICE!!

honestly, that’s so annoying to know that but I could understand if everybody could change their mind. And most of them to ask me to replace by other and delete their link on my blog, but I always said NO to delete or replace by other.

for me, when I choose them it means they really deserve it if they don’t want it’s okay I don’t force them. And most of them have reasons like “I don’t have a time to asking people to be my nomination” or ” don’t have time to write a post about it” or ” I just realized if it’s not what I’m looking for”.

The blogger awards

so, what’s the benefit of having this award? from what I experienced by having this award, I have some benefit from it with

  • it will increase your traffic during a few days. yes, just a few days, I had surprised on my post of The Blogger Recognitions award, my traffic was exploded for 2 days if I well remember.
  • Your link will be on other blogs or to have the backlink. If you are working with your DA (Domain Authority) or Google Rank, I think it will help you a bit.

And whatever those are leading to make your Blog “Exist” or the other way to promote your blog.

there is Pro and Con also when you decide to want to be nominated or not, I remember one day I saw the thread about the award, someone doubt about what’s the meaning of that awards exactly, as she saw many bloggers request for other bloggers to accepting the award.

For me, it’s normal if someone doubts it, it sounds too easy to get the award and like just wasting your time to do that, but all the thing is back to you. Personally, I choose to be considered to nominated because I’m new in blogging and would like to have the new experience, also, as long as it’s not harming me and my blog. So why not?

and now, how about you? what you do you think about that? if you like this post you can pin them or if you think it’s interesting, please share it 🙂 thank you for reading.

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