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Thanks 2017 I’m Ready 2018 !!

Thanks 2017 I’m Ready 2018 !!

Hi everyone, today is 31 December 2017, the last day of month December and also the last day of this amazing year 2017. Phioouuhh I don’t believe it if we already here now, I always thinking if we are just finished to celebrate the new year 2017 and now we will do it again for 2018. oh before I forget, I would like to wish you “Merry Christmas” for you all and I would like to sorry for my absence on this blog for almost a full month of December 2017, I will explain you “WHY” later on my other post. On this post, I would like to focus on say thanks 2017 I’m ready 2018.

So, 2017 will be passed in a few hours (Paris Time) and 2018 is ready to wait for you, and it’s time to flashback at time and remember the good and the bad moment those had happened in our life, also for being thankful for everything happen during this year and start the new year with the new spirit and new plans.

Thanks 2017 I'm ready 2018

Things happen in 2017

I will start to flash back on time and remember what had been happening during my year ;

January 2017 :

  • Our 1st new year in our brand NEW nest, last 2016 we had been bought a new apartment and we moved to D-1 before Halloween.
  • My weight is touching on 56 kgs, and try to make it stop at that number.😁 You can check my weight loss journey story here.

February 2017 :

  • I need to take a decision to buy the air ticket to back to Indonesia for visiting my family while our financial not really great but my hubby convinced me to buy it (he was so amazing, I love him very much 😍) and he was sacrifice himself to not come with usπŸ˜”.
  • My hubby got a great chance from his chief at the job to learn the new thing that really rare skill by giving him the free training. Wish it will be given the great chance for his career later πŸ˜‡
  • I did renewal my French Id part 1( for part 2 you can read my story here).

March 2017 :

  • I and K officially visiting my family in Indonesia for a month without my hubby, and honestly, I was so nervous if I couldn’t handle K alone but hopefully, everything was going smoothly.
  • when back I had a great gift from the airline because they are overbooked, the direct flight from Singapore to Paris with Singapore Airline!! That actually I should have taken British Airline with transit for a few hour in London.
  • I’ve got free hair treatment during my visit to Indonesia by Kerastase Indonesia, want to know more my story about it read here.
  • Got nice moment with my family and friends during my visit there, besides Indonesia, I visit Singapore also, check out itΒ here for general info about Singapore.

April 2017:

  • For this year I could celebrate my dad’s bday, as last year we celebrated my mom’s bday.
  • Back from Indonesia with bad condition, my health was dropped maybe because of the weather that radically changes from 30Β° C to 10Β° C and the tiredness as I didn’t sleep very well on the plane.
  • I’ve got eczema on my fingers, actually, it starts since a few years ago actually but this year it’s worse than before. I will tell you my story in another post.

May 2017:

  • I prepare the concept and draft for my 1st blog seriously.

June 2017:

  • 26 June 2017 I start to launch my 1st new blog that I named “The Mom’s Life Cycle”, and I start to be serious about it, my blogging life begins!! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
  • The 2nd birthday of K had been celebrated on the simple way, the time flies so quickly my little baby turning into a little girl, I’m really lucky as I could see her growth day by day, I will share my story about what I found on her during her 2nd year of life in another post.
  • I checked and renew my implant contraception for a reason.

July 2017:

  • I still enjoy and learn more about blogging.
  • I’m learning to knit and start to make a pull for K, read here for my story.
  • My laptop is shutting down by itself and never could be ON again, bye my lovely laptop.
  • I’ve got my 1st blogging award yeay!!, never imagined, I could get that in my early stage of blogging. I share my story about that here.

August 2017:

  • I’ve got the 2nd and 3rd blogging award in the same month. You can found my story about that here and here (again?!, yes again 😁) if you want to know how I could be had those awards just click here.
  • For the 1st time, I and K attend the Free Fashion Show in Paris. I had shared my story here.
  • It’s already 3 years now since I and my hubby said “YES” and promise to always together until death and wish to have long last for us. 😍
  • My blog traffic starts to go up and wish for more LOL
  • I won the Giveaway from “The She Approach” blog anniversary by Anna and the prizes are all the thing for blogging.

September 2017:

  • I was really excited, finally, my blog gives me a few $. 😁
  • End of month September was my really bad luck for as I lost my phone Samsung note 4 😭😭
  • I missed my best friend’s wedding as they done in Indonesia.

October 2017:

  • I make simple banana ice cream cake (I shared the recipe here) and cooking a simple food for celebrating my hubby’s birthday.
  • I start to be addicted to blogging and my new hobbies in knitting and crocheting.

November 2017:

  • My blogging progress starts to slow down as I’m busy with crocheting, I try to make a doll with technic amigurumi, you can check them here.
  • My blog had been got ERROR 500 and I had been super panic, but hopefully, it has been resolved quickly and I learn new thing from there.
  • I’m starting to think to sell my crafts but still on plan but 😁 I already create some want to see other just check my IG @themomslifecycle and don’t forget to follow me there also.😁
  • I was tried to bake some Christmas tree cookies for preparing my Christmas, you can get the free recipe here.
  • I decide to absence from my blogs during December, want to know why? Will tell you later.

December 2017:

  • Start to work on my French vocabulary and grammar.
  • Continue to explore new technic of knitting and crocheting.
  • I did absence for my blog with some reasons and enjoy some benefit from it.
  • Our preparations for Christmas was going smoothly, this year really different than last year. I will tell you later my Christmas story on another post.😁
  • Got the advance Christmas gift and super birthday gift from my lovely hubby and lovely kid. 😍
  • Start to create my own bullet journal.🀩😊

Those things happened in my year, there were some happiness and sadness during the year, but I stay to Thank God for everything. And so far, I learn many new things during this year. Now, the new year will come and it’s time to open the new page and start to plan what we will want to in our life.

Plan 2018

  • We (i and my hubby) plan to have the 2nd child. Actually, this plan already on the list since K was inside my tummy and we hope we could realize it on this year.
  • I would like to improve my blog now being more better.
  • Make and work on 2 others new blogs in Bahasa (my native language).
  • Re-organizing house, blog, personal time, and family.
  • Would like to cook and bake more often than last year.
  • Always would like to improve my French.
  • Improve my skill on crochet and knit.
  • Plan to sell my crafts online.
  • Being ready for new parenting challenges.
  • Decorating house.
  • Don’t miss the SOLDES* days 😁
  • Finish reading some πŸ“š.
  • Going to the cinema with K.
  • Find a part-time job for myself. Honestly, I missed the working moment since I moved to France.
  • Would like to make the better quality time for family, child, myself and couple’s life.
  • Invite my family to visit us in France.
  • Re-do my lose weight journey as my weight start to gain again. So do some exercises challenges and drink more water.
  • Traveling to Japan
  • Enjoy my life!!

For now, my plans for 2018 will be like that maybe I will add some more for later hihi. I wish all of those plans could be happen and will work well, whatever I just want the best.😁
So, how about you? have you planned something for 2018? What’s your plan? Would you like to share with me?

Now, it’s time for me to get ready for New year’s eve mommies, I wish you “Happy New Year” and the best wishes πŸ˜πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰….

“Bye 2017, Thanks for giving me the good year and Welcome to 2018, Please be nice !! “

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