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Singapore is a Lion City of Asia

Singapore is a Lion City of Asia

Have you ever visited Singapore? I think you ever been there even it just for transit to go another country, if not? it’s Okay I will share with you all here. So, who don’t know the Singapore? I think even you never visited it at least you’ve heard about it. So, Singapore is the richest country with having many different cultures and be known as Singapore is a Lion city because of their country symbol is The Merlion or the Sea Lion (actually it form like a lion mermaid, the animal with the lion head but the fish body).

At this time, Singapore had famous because it had the wonderful airport from all the world and being the popular destinations for the traveler from backpacker until for business purposes because they offer some luxe and the culture ethnic at the same time. and Singapore was also known as the cleanest country (I don’t know if it’s true or not as for me all are normal, I still could see any trash everywhere but with the less quantity).

I’m quite often to visit this country and I ever being the tour leader for one of the travel company in Batam, Indonesia and also being a tour guide for my family and friends. so I have ever been asked some of FAQ by my friends who would like to visit Singapore by themselves ( as I couldn’t be their tour guide all the time as I’m working in office also, to be tour guide was my side job and I just did it when I had a holiday) so I would like to share it with you here.

Singapore - The Lion city of Asia
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Where is Singapore?

Geographically, Singapore is in South East Asia, have 2 closes neighborhood such Indonesia and Malaysia. And if you see the map, Singapore just the little island that joins with the Malaysian’s land as history, both of them are one before the independence of Singapore (9 Aug 1945) and Singapore also has some little island and the most famous is called with Sentosa Island.


How to get there?

Singapore even it is small but you can visit them via air, land, and sea. So, it has exactly 4 options to visit, such as the airplane, Bus, Train, and Ferries, so depending on where are you depart from.


For this way, there is 2 kind of bus they will provide to visit them. The 1st is a public bus, usually, the worker who works in Singapore and live outside Singapore who get this or the public could use this also and this bus is just from Malaysia to Singapore and inverse.the 2nd is the travel bus, this bus is a special bus for traveling and most of the options for traveler because of the traveling purposes.

For the price is variation and usually cheaper than flight ticket or maybe the same price if you have a good deal for an airline ticket.And you can use this way if your position in Malaysia or Thailand. For backpacker or medium budget is a good choice for visiting Singapore. And for the time, it spends around 2 – 8 hours ( 2 or 3 hours from Johor Bahru, 5 hours from Melaka and KL, 8 hours from Genting Malaysia) and from Thailand around 12 hours.”For the duration could be longer or shorter its depend on the traffic”


You have an option for the train if you would like to see more nature and less stressful journey, you can have this from Thailand and Malaysia also, for the Thailand you will get a kind of luxury train and from Malaysia you have train normal that stop in every station or it kinds of intercitè train in France.

For duration from KL to Singapore, you will need around 5 hours almost the same time by bus. The price is relatively cheaper. And the condition of the train is good, there is food seller on the trains.




This transport is the best options for Indonesian people who are living in Batam island ( the nearest Indonesian island to Singapore). so you can choose this option if you are on Batam island, Tanjung Pinang island, or Balai Karimun Island, this is the only one choice if you are from there.There is 2 harbours for destination Singapore, Harbourfront city (if you want to visit Sentosa island directly or to visit Singapore city) and Tanah Merah (if you want to go to Changi airport from Batam directly you can go to this harbour it’s more near to Changi or if you are departing from Tanjung Pinang island).

For the price is variation depends which brand ferries you choose for a ride but normally the price around S$ 32-35 two-way ticket for adult and for the child around S$ 28 for two-way (this price if you buy online or in Singapore counter, in Indonesian counter they don’t have child price so child needs the adult ticket for a ride). By ferries, you just spend around 45 minutes to 1 hours depending on where you are departing ( from Batam island you can get 45 mins).


Singapore has the most comfort and wonderful airport in the worlds because they really provide the best for the traveler around the world while visiting the country.I share a little bit about this airport, it called Changi Airport had 3 terminals and each terminal have really spacious places for everyone, especially for transit area, they put the butterfly park inside and playground for kids, if you have long transit and wanna watch a movie they provide the free cinema inside the transit area and many shops.

Whatever if you are there you never thought if you are in the airport, it’s kind of luxury airport also.So back to the airplane, this option is for all traveler around the worlds, you can use many kinds of airlines companies.for the duration back again to you, for me, I usually go to Singapore from France and it takes 12 hours for the direct flight and around 14-17 hours (depend on the duration of transit, usually I will choose min. 1,5 hours to 2 hours for transit).

Talking about the price, it’s a tricky thing that we will find when looking for air ticket but for destination Singapore from France is around € 400-700 two ways ticket for one adult in the economic seat, indirect flight and around low season ( I always booked air ticket 3 or even 6 months before ) and you can check or for the best deal for air ticket.

What is Place to Visit in Singapore?

there are some of the popular places that you should visit when you are visiting Singapore.

  • Merlion place
  • Marina Bay Shopping Centre
  • Clarke Quay
  • Boat Quay
  • Esplanade theater
  • Garden by The Bay
  • Orchard Road
  • Bugis Village
  • Sentosa Island
  • Chinatown
  • Little India
  • Museums: art museum, civilization museum, Peranakan museum etc.
  • Zoo
  • Bird Park
  • Arab street
  • Mt. Faber and much more
This post may contain the affiliate link, that’s mean each time you buy the product through that link I will get any little commission and it won’t give you any extra cost. thanks for supporting me πŸ™‚


What to do in Singapore?

In Singapore, you can do almost all the things, from culinary, shopping, visit the museum, see some attractions etc.I can say they have some events which open freely for the public for the occasional time, such as Chinese New year, New year Eve, Christmas, the full month for Chinese (you can try mooncake), Hari Raya for Malay’s or Muslim people, the special day for Hindu or Indian people and Independence day for Singapore. you can check all the events in

And for the events are variation from the firework, walk parade, Christmas carol, they decorate all the road with beautiful light, floating light on the river etc. And for the usual events, many shopping malls provide special events for art or kids as well.If you are the family who traveling there, no need to worry, Singapore also has many things for Kids and babies for sure so your kids will not be boring and could enjoy together.



What and where to eat?

Here is very rich of the kind the specialty food, you can find almost all type of food here from Chinese food, Indian food, Malaysian food, European or western food, Japanese food etc.
But for the local food, you need to try Bak Kut Teh, Laksa, Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemak, Rojak etc.

For the place, the most popular place and the place for local usually to eat is “FOODCOURT“, the easiest place to find (it’s almost everywhere, near station bus/MRT, every shopping mall, every harbor or I can say it’s everywhere).


in the food court, you will find many types of food to eat, and you will self-service here and for the price is really really cheaper than the restaurant. so if you want to eat cheaply with good portion and try many local foods, this place is your destinations. Besides the food court, you can also eat in the restaurant or in fast food like McDonald or KFC. And all the place is a kid-friendly.

How to hang around Singapore?

When you are in Singapore, don’t be worry about how to get some places in Singapore or for hanging around there, because here is very easy to get. Singapore is quite the same like other countries for the transportation, and they really give an easy access to some touristic place with their public transportation.

You can get MRT (like the metro in France ), bus, taxi or even you can walk in. some touristic areas located very near from one to other if you wanna explore more Singapore and you are strong enough to walk:D.



if you choose to use more the bus or MRT (the best choice to explore Singapore) you can buy the ticket each time you want to use the transport or pay it directly if you using the bus or you can buy the transport card or MRT card (like Navigo in France).

This card is a multi-function you can use for the bus, MRT, and some Taxi, pay your meal in some food court, buy your snack in some vending machine and in some 7 eleven shops. That’s cool huh?!!Β Yes, that’s what I really loved from Singapore just with 1 card but you can use it for almost everything.

This card is available for local or tourists and it will cost you S$ 10 (if the price is not changing ) and if you don’t have any balance you can top up in a special machine that located in all stations MRT. I really recommended this card and very functional if you stay a few days to explore Singapore.

How to sleep in Singapore?

good question!! But the answer is they have Hotel, bed & breakfast, resort, rent apartment, or even Airbnb. So generally it’s almost the same for other countries, nothing special. Just the price is very special, LOL.For the price to sleep, cheaper, of course, is Bed & Breakfast if you just alone or maybe 2 persons, young, easy for sleep in anywhere. And the more expensive is Resort for sure the most luxury place to sleep.

You are in low budget travel but would like to stay hotel, don’t worry, in Singapore, there is one chain of Hotel that gives you quite a good price for the standard hotel, it called Hotel 81 (but it depends on the location also because of this hotel almost in all over Singapore) And if you want to sleep in luxe place, there is many 5 stars hotel in the center of the city or if you want more discreet you can go to Sentosa Island, where you can have kind of resort and also the 5 stars hotel, you can check on special offer on for place to sleep.


So, overall Singapore is a great country and it’s good to visit, it’s small but has many different things at the same time and make it unique. Ah yes, here, they speak with 4 languages, Chinese, English, Malay, and Tamil but they have English as the national language and also they called their local language is Singlish (Singapore-English). This language is the mixing language between Chinese and English.


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