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Quiche Lorraine easy recipe

Quiche Lorraine easy recipe

Hello, it has been a long time I didn’t make quiche Loraine for everybody at home. Do you know what Quiche Loraine is? Quiche Loraine is kind of classic food in France, Quiche Loraine is really easy to do and it is known also as salty pie, it served with the salad and very good for lunch.

Quiche Lorraine easy recipe

For making the classic Quiche you just need the dough pastry, eggs, and bacon (I called it omelet on the pie). I knew this food from my hubby, because he’s French and that time he thought if it really need to introduce me some French food so I could cook for him later and it’s proven if what he thought was right, yes I cooked this for a few times now during 3 years I lived here in France.

Usually, I do this for the weekend because each time I made this it enough for 2 meals (lunch and dinner) because we are just 2 before and 3 now and for the quiche that I made usually for 4 – 6 persons. But this time I made it on the weekday because I don’t have any idea to cook at that day and when searching something in the fridge and I found the pastry sheet for making pie and the other ingredients also there so I decided to make that, but this time I will make it with a bit different for the topping, I will be using the carrot as the additional vegetable on my Quiche Loraine.

Quiche Lorraine easy recipe

For the ingredient, for the pie, I’m using the industrial pastry sheet or pie crust that I bought in the supermarket (In France, there is 2 type of pastry sheet, Pâte Brisée, and Pâte Feuillette) so I use the pâte brisée which usually for making the pie. I have a mind to make my own pastry sheet one day with that I could make any pastry anytime. Then, the next ingredients are Eggs, milk (to make the omelet), kinds of bacon I used is the industrial also, and carrots that I cut into julienne style or slicing the carrot like the matchsticks form.

I made this not for a long time just 15 mins for preparing all and around 30 -35 mins to baked it so around one hour you can enjoy it and you can eat it twice time if you are just 2-4 persons at home, and what you need just 2 simple steps, preparing your pie base and preparing the mixture of omelette. This one really easy to do and everyone can do it even the person who never do the cooking.

Quiche Lorraine easy recipe

Quiche Loraine Recipe

Preparing time: 15 mins
Baking time: 30-35 mins

Portion: 4 -8 persons



1 sheet of Pastry sheet special for Pie or tart crust diameter 32 cm
4 -5 Eggs
200 gr Bacon
2 pcs carrots and slice it to julienne style.
200 ml milk (you can use more than it, just need to adjust to how many eggs you want to use)
200 ml Fresh cream
Salt, pepper

Tools: Pie Mold Diameter 32 cm


  1. Preheat your oven 200° C, and prepare your pastry dough or pie crust, put into the mold and prick the base all over with the fork.
  2. Make the mixture of omelet, break the eggs mix with the milk, the fresh cream, and seasoning with salt and pepper.
  3. Grill the bacon without oil because bacon already has contained oil or fat, after it’s grilled add the carrots and mix it a few minutes.
  4. After that, put the bacon and carrots into the pie crust and pour the mixture of omelet.
  5. All are ready and time to put into the oven and bake it for 30-35 mins with temperature 200° C ( for the bake time it should be dependent on your oven type it could be more long time.)
  6. After finish, the baking put it out and cool it down the quiche and you can enjoy it with salad.

Quiche Lorraine easy recipe

By the way, no person who can’t cook, at least you can break the egg it means you can cooking hahaha (that’s my hubby’s word when he encouraging me to cook when I said I don’t know how to cook), even you can’t break the egg as long as you have faith and the motivation to cook, you can do it!! 🙂

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    • Hi Angie,
      Thanks, 😀 those words always comes from my hubby as i always said him if i couldn’t cook. and he always encourage me with that ways :D, i’ve done visit ur blog, and i found one recipe that i will try it soon 😀

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