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I have a little thing on me ❤

Heyyaa!! This time I’d like to share my pregnancy stories in France, which is my lovely MOM not here, a bit sad and happy at the same time, WHY? Because when mom was here next to me, all my activities will be monitoring by her and for me, that really disturbs me a lot. My mom is really believing in the old myths about the pregnancy, and because it was my 1st pregnancy so she really taking care of me even she was far.

October 2014, it’s my happiest month ever for that year, why?? Because that month is my official month to stay as a resident of France and of course to really build and start the new life together with my hubby, I had been back to my country in September 2014 because I need to convert my current VISA to SPOUSE VISA and I need to do it all in my country, so a month I had officially married with my charming prince I need to came back to prepare all the things, and I came back again to France on 10 October 2014 just a few days after I granted my Spouse visa (I’m impatient to back to France to meet and would like to celebrate the 1st birthday of my lovely hubby together).

The story starts when I felt really tired and LAZY all the time since I arrived in France, 1st thought in my head is maybe caused of the jetlag and it was autumn also I was lazy to go outside because it’s windy. So, it passed around 2 weeks and it continues till the beginning November, during this moment I felt like overly hungry what I mean here not all the time want to eat but I talk more about the portions.

I really notice my hungriness going madly when I asked my hubby to buy me the Mc Donald for dinner because I didn’t cook yet and more cause of my laziness I’ve had since I arrived, so he said okay.

he arrived at home and we started our dinner at this time the menu was for me 1 meal set chicken burger size normal + coca cola zero medium + fries medium and for my hubby was the same menu with beef burger and plus 3 cheeseburgers (huff, he ate a lot but it was normal he’s a man who needs more calories) usually I never finish all my fries but that night it was totally different I finish all without feeling full and I still asking my hubby if I could have his cheeseburger or not, and surely he gave it to me with any confuse and ask me if I had my lunch or not, and I said yes I had my lunch like usually.

Suddenly, I had stop and thought about that also (Oh, Damn!! I’ve eaten too much it not normal I don’t want to gain more kilos after back from home) but I still ate it till I feel full in my tummy.

I always reported to my mom about what I felt since I arrived and she asked me to do pregnancy test like usually, that moments I said “oh it’s okay mom if it’s not positive it just makes me down and it will make me stress and my chance to be pregnant will be decrease, I just want to enjoy my moment with my hubby before I have baby, and I will have baby soon or later so don’t worry”.

My mom is the 1st person who really waiting my pregnant moment like other mothers who want the grandchild as soon as their daughter married, but for my mother my case, it will be different because it will give a baby from the mixed marriage and for her, she will be more proud of me.After the call, I consider what my mom asked me to do the test but the new problem is coming I don’t know where I can have that test, where to buy, what we called in French.

I asked my hubby to buy it one for me but he always rejected it for many reasons (he’s shy to buy it) till I initiative to searching on Google for the translation till the place where I can get it and tada aaa… I found it all information I need (Big Thanks for you Google!!) so tomorrow morning I went to pharmacy 1st to check out I found it but oh my Gosh!! the price isn’t cheap as I thought it was € 20 up, so I thought to try it in another place till I went to supermarket just near house and I found it, yahoo!! And the price is like I thought it just € 1.20 I took 2 without any doubt and direction to the cashier.

In the night like usually I told my hubby about what I had today and I’m telling him about my conversation with mom, his reaction just “oh your mom really want to have a grandchild soon” and it ended with laughing together because he always made it as a joke. I didn’t tell him if I found the pregnancy test at that day, and next morning I did my 1st test and the test was Negative and I felt a bit upset for sure but keep it up to my spirit and keep praying for that, and I try again next weeks.

I never forget that moment, I had test on 12 November 2014 in the morning, around 7 or 8 am, I went to the toilet to have my 1st pee in the morning and try to do my test, while I do it I read it how its work and it said need to wait 3 sec but for me that time it’s really long time to see the colour on 2nd line is appearing till that moment it comes I had a little scream and a little happiness tear is there, I’m out and my hubby asking me calmly “what happen?” and I hugged him and said “I’m PREGNANT“.

That moment I’m waiting for his reaction but once again I feel disappointed cause his reaction not same like I imagine or like what I looked at TV or any shows (silly me!!), he said “huff, I thought there’s something bad on you there on the toilet!! You scare me with your scream!!” I just laughed, and he hurries up to go to his work like usual and I continue to feel flowery and directly find my phone and give a happy news to my family and everybody are happy😍.

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In the noon he was back home and bring me a little flower as my pregnancy gift and hugged me very tightly I saw if he’s happy for me about that but in my head I still questioning about his reaction this morning and he asked me 1st question “ how much you bought that pregnancy test?” I said “oh it’s just € 1.20 “and directly he said me “you know why I had the normal reaction when I heard you’re pregnant? It’s because I still don’t believe if I’ll be a father, I was afraid if €1.20 things could give the wrong result” I’m totally shocked with his words, but I still positive if I’m a MOM to be and Woman’s feeling is almost true😙.

So, I asked him to help me out to find and have an appointment with an obstetrician near the house for making sure about my pregnancy, and in a few weeks, we will have the real answer to his doubt.

The day I went to doctor to check if it’s true or not if I’m really pregnant and to answer my husband’s doubt about that ( like I said In previous post he didn’t believe with 2 Euro Pregnancy test that I bought in supermarket), we waited in the waiting room with impatient, there’s no person at that time so we were in silence room we start the conversation to get to know how’s the feeling each other and me also feel happy and impatient to hear the good news till the doctor call my name and start to ask any basic questions like verify the name, address, height, weight, age, etc.

and then, she starts to ask me to tell her about what I felt so we explained it the situation at that time it was my hubby who talks to the doctor (he’s my translator because I didn’t know how to speak French) and she asked me to lay down for the examination. She didn’t have any special things like Ultrasound machine, so what she did to me all manually, she starts to press my tummy in some area while asking me if I felt pain on it until she found one point and say. In a few minutes after, the examination is finished.

I back to seated next my hubby and wait for my doctor to say something about it, so the 1st word that is out from her is a question about my last period, she asked me when I had that and I gave the answer and this moment was the crucial time for us to find out about the news, is it a good or a bad news?.

She said me “ Alors, Vous êtes enceintes, madame. Félicitation. Maintenant Vous êtes 8 semaines de la grossesses” both of us were smiling to each other continue to listen to her explanation about that because it was our 1st time to wait for the 1st baby in our lives. So I already officially MOM-To-Be :).

I will share my progress during my pregnancy moment in the other post so if you curious about how I passing through my pregnancy moment see you in my next post 🙂 ciao


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2 thoughts on “I have a little thing on me ❤

  1. HHHHaaaa, lol!!! I see the hungriness got you too huh?? lol!!
    Aaawww I love your story. Yes, those moms want grand babies right away. Congratulations to you and your hubby.
    How is it living in France?

    • 😀 thanks, yeah, I almost can’t be controlled my self for the hungriness (like I never ate for a month LOL),
      Living in France so far so good even it’s always something new coming in life that makes me said “what?!!” are u kidding me??” and it’s FUN and I enjoy it so much 🙂

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