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LGBT PARIS PRIDE 2017 “ Marché de fiertés LGBT “
I had been out with my little family cause of my hubby said there is a nice event will be Read more.
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8 facts of Paris that you will find it out
You have planning to visit Paris one day?, So before you visit here maybe you can read my post about Read more.

My Pregnancy Phases
For MOM to know the conditions of the baby will be kind of important during pregnancy and we also will Read more.
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My Free Disney Book is coming (French Version)
I just checked my mailbox and guess what I found inside?? It was the box with the books inside, it’s Read more.
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I have a little thing on me ❤
Heyyaa!! This time I’d like to share my pregnancy stories in France, which is my lovely MOM not here, a Read more.

French toast (Pain Perdu)
Hello, guys, today I’d like to share a simple recipe for French toast (PAIN PERDU) homemade, and this French toast Read more.