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My Pregnancy Phases

For MOM to know the conditions of the baby will be kind of important during pregnancy and we also will experience some moment that called by the phase of pregnancy. Nothing scary with The phase of pregnancy just some of us will be different. How it could be?? It depends on the hormone each woman. So, for the young mom to do the searching and asking the elder or the experienced women or even buy the book special about pregnancy is kind of new style to learn about the pregnancy (I do so!!)? so in this post, I will continue my story about the pregnancy test I’ve done and I will share you also about what I had during my pregnancy moment.

when I know I’m positive pregnant, what I have done during my 1st trimester? Of course like I said before I done the searching online about the pregnancy, I started to find how the baby created since the 1st time in the tummy, etc (back to school again when you learn biology) till the last phase of pregnancy that’s Delivery Time, but don’t worry for the 1st trimester I had much time to explore and learn more about that.

So what I’ve known about the pregnancy is generally there are 3 phases of pregnancy that we called about 3 trimesters for baby growth in the mom’s tummy. And each trimester had special things to do and have something different to feel for the mother and every woman are not same but generally, they will have it at the same moment or maybe later or more sooner.

1st Trimester (0-12 Weeks)

So my pregnancy moment starts on 8 weeks pregnancy or 1st trimester or 2 months pregnancy ( I always tell anybody about my pregnancy age with weeks than months because of its more exact age for me). I didn’t have the same experience like usual pregnant woman as generally who had the vomit or nausea or no appetite for eating in early pregnancy

but, what I have that time was I felt extremely tired (more tired than usual, I really love to sleep during pregnancy even before I already loved to sleep 😀 ), I had big appetite for eating ( it didn’t mean I eat all the time just my portion which changes from M to L/XL), had the breast soreness (it’s normal sign for pregnant woman but before I knew I’m pregnant I thought I will have my period), No Vomit or Nausea, have a few times for headache but it didn’t stay for a long time.

On this trimester I’ve got my 1st Ultrasound on 11 weeks pregnancy (I already have prescription after my last checkup, the doctor gave that for double sure about my pregnancy but unfortunately I had the appointment when it was 11 weeks) so the result was amazing I’m really touched when have that moment to see someone you never know but you really missed him/her. My hubby felt the same but less excited than me, it’s okay at least he already really sure if there is someone inside me :p, so the 1

My hubby felt the same but less excited than me, it’s okay at least he already really sure if there is someone inside me :p, so the 1st USG ( Ultrasonography ) everything going well, we were happy to see someone inside and once again the midwife, she is really nice woman I ever knew, she really explain me all with every detail and care, I love her and I have plan if I had the 2nd baby I will go to her again for seeing my future baby :D.

my pregnancy phases

there is one moment that I never forget and still amazed it till now when the midwife asking me if I would like to know the gender of my baby or not. And of course with my full energy I said “YES!!” after she didn’t tell me directly but she asking us to guess which gender of our future baby with her archive photos of the USG and She said this one is a boy while she points her finger on one of photo and she asked again “which one is yours?” without doubt ours is the next one and it was a GIRL!! yoohoo, and this time the person who was is the most exciting is My hubby, He really wants to have a baby girl. so after the ultrasound session is finished he always talks about the baby room will be in PINK mode and etc.

For My 1St trimester, everything going very nice and we were telling our parents after the result USG with sending them the photos of it. Everybody is happy for us and I really enjoyed my pregnancy, even I need to have the blood test in my early pregnancy to make sure everything was ok (I afraid with the needle or the blood test).

2nd Trimester (13-24 Weeks)

In the 2nd trimester, what I felt on this phase? Uhm, I felt like usually I really enjoy it, no overstress, always being lazy and tired, I have started to have less appetite for eating and have a different taste to eat like example I UNFRIEND Carrot in my food list (cause of my hubby cooks the carrot but not really cooked for me and it still felt the soil or something like that so I’m a bit trauma), I always have will to eat pastry and sweet cookies (before I didn’t really like sweet food), had motion sickness,

still no nausea but I have once to vomit because it special case does not cause of pregnancy I think, it begins when I and my husband need to travel to Toulouse, France to visit family there for celebrating the Christmas together, we choose to have plane than the train (traveling with train I need to sit down for long time around 6 to 8 hours and what I read on some articles if pregnant women couldn’t sit for a long time) to save time also.

But, when we arrive in airport we still need to take the bus and after the metro and finally arrive at home, and on the bus I had something bad come over me, I’ve got my Motion sickness coming and a few bus stops before arrive in metro stations I ask my hubby to get down and yes, when get down I’ve got 1st VOMIT during my pregnancy woman (yakked😵!!), honestly I felt a shame because I make the pedestrian walk dirty with my vomit.

my pregnancy phases

I felt my belly growing a little bit now at least everybody can notify me if I’m pregnant woman and each time I’m in public place I always being a priority, the important I felt on this trimester is I felt my baby KICKING. In this phase, I already follow my pregnancy progress in hospital and all the check up always include the blood test and they give me the medicine for Zinc (I lack Zinc in my blood so I need that during my pregnancy).

For the USG, I had that on 22nd weeks like the hospital check up the result was good and this moment is the gender had been decided and sure 100 % if inside me still a little girl. We start also to find the name for our little future baby as the gender already sure, my hubby would like to give a name based on origin her parents so we choose to find name origin Asian (its Mine) and Western (My hubby).

And we found it and we called her with baby K J. Then, I already start to check the thing what I need to prepare for her things from the Bed, Bath, Clothes ( I didn’t prepare too much for this one because my mom already sent it from Indonesia so I just buy a few more in France), toys (we didn’t have many toys just the basic like the soft toys that she had from her grandparent in Toulouse when I was 13 weeks pregnancy), the bottles or the things for nursery, etc. the busiest week ever to prepare the best for the future baby!! I already start also a little exercise like yoga (I found it on youtube)

3rd Trimester (25-40 Weeks)

The last phase for the pregnant women and the hardest phase also because belly grows bigger day by day and it’s quite heavy also, for the body, I had many changes like I said before the belly yes sure it’s bigger and I love it to rub it all the time and anywhere, hehe.

And I also like to talk more often with my belly this time (actually I already talk with my belly since I knew I’m positive and based on research talk with baby, since they are inside the belly, is very recommended), hard to sleep (need to find the good position), more sensitive and because you need to have the obligation test during this phase and some activities for preparing the delivery or the due date.

Talking about the obligatory test, when you are in 25 weeks your doctor will ask you have the urine test that proposing to know about the level of your blood sugar during the pregnancy or we called it Diabetes Gestational Test, and some of the blood tests regularly for my case to control the Toxoplasma and its friends.

And usually, for the 3rd time and the last USG ( in France, you can have more than 3 times USG if your doctor suggests you to do that if not they really suggest you just have once each Trimester for the baby healthy reason. In Indonesia you can as many as you can or usually each month during 9 months pregnancy).

for the USG I felt really different than before because I feel unwell like a bit headache and my midwife said it was normal because of my position during the USG.

my pregnancy phases

On the checkup moment on 25th weeks, I had the blood sugar level test and the result was POSITIVE, I had the Diabetes Gestational, honestly to knew that news it made me very down and kind of the stressful moment during my pregnancy moments.

Since I knew that, my doctor sent me to see the nutrition specialist and they started to give me any treatment about that and as usually, my doctor know about my worry of Diabetes Gestational that I had and she said I don’t need to be worried but need to take care also so I had do what my doctor and specialist ask me to do during the last moment in my pregnancy period and for this phase also my schedule for controlling more intense.

In 27-32th weeks, I feel my baby moving very clearly in my belly, my hubby a bit scared about that (it’s weird huh?!) he said me my belly has something like alien inside (he’s watching too much the Alien series!!!) and the head of the baby already down (good sign!! Ready to pop out!!) but I have no false contractions, I start to a bit worried because as the sources I read and from the elder people who told me about their experiences if on that age I will feel false contraction and any sign to have the labour or delivery phase.

Then, I still calm for that and still positive thinking if those things couldn’t happen for everybody, everybody had their own story about that till the day my baby want to come out, she will come out. So during this weeks I have some walk and some exercise till the 38th week 5 days I felt something out like the fluid I thought it was my Pee but I’m not sure so I check it to hospital and I’ve got rupture of amniotic fluid, then I had the special treatment for that and hospitalized.

In 39th weeks finally, I had POP OUT!! Yeaayyy!! (it’s time to party!!!) The baby girl finally came out healthy and normally without any operation. it was a long journey before I could see someone inside me for 9 months pfioouhh, I’m officially switching my status from MOM-to-be to Real MOM. I’m really PROUD of myself :).

Finally, I already passing through all those phases as the beautiful memories that I always remember all my life and I still never thought if I could be passed it all with the calm mood and not many complaints about my conditions at that time.


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