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My Natural Birth Story

My Natural Birth Story

Hi, everyone!! Today I will continue my own pregnancy process as I have done 3 posts before about the beginning I’m pregnant, the phase I passed through, and for my unforgettable experience of Diabetes Gestational and finally, I’ve got my natural birth at the end. If you haven’t read yet my previous stories, don’t worry as you can read here:

So, now I will share about how I POP OUT!! it’s my 1st experience for popping out, and for me, it seems too smooth, I mean I don’t have too many difficulties at that time.

And everything that happen it was out of my mind as I imagine, It will be so much pain, stressful, all the things that I saw on TV before (I did watch the TV program about the giving birth its called “baby boom“) it will be ended with so much tear and etc.

So, my process began from Thursday afternoon, I felt so different, I had the small leakage in my 38th-week pregnancy when that time I have thought it was my pee and I think it’s normal for Preggy woman to have that.

I wear the protect slip for knowing if that was the real pee or the water from my pregnancy. I check again after a few hours ( around 4 or 5 hours later) and there is no water detected. So it should be my pee.

Tomorrow morning I phone my mom, we talk like usually and I told my mom about this and she said the same it should be my pee. So I didn’t worry as my mom comfort me. Phone activity was finished and time to have my shower.

This time I feel it really something water out of me and don’t know why I felt it wasn’t my pee (as I’ve done my pee before the shower) and I finished my shower and messaging my hubby.

The message:
πŸ‘§ : B, will you back home for lunch?Β 
πŸ‘¦ : yes, I will at home around 11.30 am, why?Β 
πŸ‘§ : oh nothing, I just want you to accompany me to the hospital after lunch. I feel something out from me
πŸ‘¦ : what??!! okay, I will back home now and we will go to hospital directly!! Be ready!!
πŸ‘§ : Ok, see you at home. 😘😚
So when I did this message I still don’t have any panic mode but it was my hubby who is panic-ing hihi.

actually, on my 38th week, I still don’t feel any contraction even its real contraction or the false contraction which many preggy women can feel it on that week.

so, my hubby back home, asking me how it was and say me “what do you mean with something out from you??” I said “oh it’s just the water that outs from me, I need to check out if that was my pee or not” and he replied me ” you scared me with that!!” And I just laughed.

Honestly, it was the first time for me to see him on panic-ing but still try to hide it with keeping himself inΒ COOL mode.

At the hospital, we went directly to the emergency room, but how surprised I was if there were many people waiting there for being handled by the medical team.

So much different from my country that once you arrive in emergency and they will come to you and handle you at the time.

But for me, there, I need to wait around 1 hour to have 1st checking and after they moved me to the maternity part.

I still don’t get it how’s their system work, so during our waiting I and my hubby discussing that. And he didn’t give me so much explanation as it was his 1st time to be there.

Okay, we wait and wait and wait till the nurse came and asking how I felt etc, she checked me twice the time, the 1st she said it was a pee and she wasn’t sure she did recheck again and she said yes I’m officially had the ‘Water broke’ or Water Loose’.

Without a doubt she said, I need to be hospitalized and need to give me some antibiotic or something ( I forgot what it name) for avoiding my baby from infections.

And we wait again for having a room but this time not really long just for 30 mins. After waiting got the room and they put me everything that I should have that time, the machine to check the contractions, do the short Ultrasound to check if there is enough water inside or not, and seems I produce more so my baby was okay.

They scheduled me to labor for the next day as they still want me to have the natural contraction 1st but it never comes. The next morning, they check it again and they said it should be tomorrow for labor.

So, they gave me the induction as I didn’t have the real contractions as what they wish.

The nurse said I should walk and walk to make the process more quickly but I didn’t feel any contraction during the dayΒ butΒ I feel the contraction at the night.

it such annoying for my hubby as I went a few times to the checking room to get know if I’m ready for the labor. And 2 times we check and the result it was NO, I wasn’t ready and it just 1st Opening.😲😲

For the second time, the nurse stops the induction and my hubby could sleep a bit and the same for me. The next morning, like usually done with regular check up and this time the nurse said ” we will moving you to the labor block (or the place for giving birth)”

I and my hubby said “pffhtt Finally!! πŸ˜₯” after almost 3 days waiting this moment. After moving, the room was wide it was nice and the process of induction was starting again.

They check me it just for 2,5 cm opening and they said: “we will do the peridural now, it’s a bit early as we just do when it’s 3 cm opening but it’s okay”. so hubby need to get out from the room (hygienic reason) and they put a kind of little tube on my back like doing the infusion and it just for 2 or 3 minutes.

After it done they told me how to use and when I could use it, etc. Hubby could back come inside and wait for other opening coming. I hate for waiting and it was really long, as I felt bored and start to have a backache and not comfortable as too much laying down.

For a few hours, they come to check until around 5.30 pm they check and said ” she will get out soon!! It reaches 10 cm opening, we will be waiting a few more hours to let her out by herself”

Okay okay, feel more impatient now, and wait for a few hours more and the time is coming, some of nurse and midwife prepare all the things for labor.

8.30 pm the precious moment was started and she asked me to push for 2 or 3 times and “pfooff!!” the baby is here!! It was 08.40 pm. I don’t need too much effort to let her out.

And the midwife lets me hug her for a few minutes while her papa cutting the placenta’s cord and after they took my baby with her papa also to be clean, do the measure and weighing etc.

And for me, it’s not finished as they need to make my placenta out and they need to do some stitches. At this time I feel the time back to be long and I smell something wrong with them, the new doctor coming one by one to check the process of stitching, so there were 4 doctors in that room to do my stitching,

Seems weird for me as I thought to do the stitch wasn’t difficult for them but it didn’t put me into the worries, try to calm down and not panicking.

And that process still hasn’t finished when my hubby comes back to check me and told me how was the baby, so he told me if our baby girl is 3,2 kg with 50 cm long.

Pfiouh, I never imagine if I could giving a birth a big baby (just FYI, in my country to have the 3,2kg baby with natural birth is amazing!!) Made me so PROUD of myself and congrats myself as a MOMMY officially.

To continue my story, they spend more time after birth to done my stitch and for that night they didn’t allow me to move to my room as my condition a bit weak, 2 of my arms had been full with infusion.

I had been cold that night, my body was shaken like I had a fever but when the nurse checks my heat, actually I was good. So maybe just my tricky mind to tell me if I’m tired or something.Really bad for me that night as I couldn’t keep my baby on my arm and let her sleep in the baby’s room for a night. In the next morning, I moved to my room and I could have my baby on my arm after all the infusion had been taken out from my hand.

Honestly, I hate to have infusion on my hands, and actually, I have the phobia with the needle of infusion or the injections, but for my Baby, I can win from my phobia things. That’s The POWER of LOVE.πŸ˜€

And finally, that’s my process of POP OUT that a bit different with everybody, no natural contractions at all, no scream while pushing etc. and this is such a wonderful experience that I have. so how about you, mom? Do you still remember how it was? do you cry when at the first time you see your baby? I DO!! πŸ˜€

For the mom to be, I suggest you keep your calm and enjoy it each process that you need to passing through, and it will be okay πŸ™‚

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