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My Free Disney Book is coming (French Version)

My Free Disney Book is coming (French Version)

I just checked my mailbox and guess what I found inside?? It was the box with the books inside, it’s from Hachette, the French children books publishing company.

Actually I already wait for this around a month ago since there’s someone from Hachette calling me to explain about the technical things of those books because I had registered my email and my personal data by the internet after I saw there is advertisement about you can get FREE 6 books DISNEY for your children just only need to register your email and filling some basic personal data and it was successful to pull me into their website by click that ads and start to register it.

In my mind that time I just want to give my little girl a few books to read together and it’s kind of games also if we can get it cause that will make me happy if not, it’s fine nothing to lose. Honestly, I don’t really understand how its work till their customer service calling me to record our conversation and explaining the technical rules and I agree about that.

So the rules that what their mentions are about we will receiving 5 Disney’s collection books total, there are 3 books are a GIFT or FREE, and the 2 others book it’s a TRIAL or you have to choose from 2 options they give, you can KEEP it and PAY it later and you will have the new books each time they publish the new books and of course it paid or you can keep it for 14 days ( FREE TRIAL )  after you received and RETURN it back to them and the shipping cost it will be their responsibility what we need to do is calling their customer service number to inform them if we would like to return it without any explanation needed.

You can unsubscribe by phone and email, they provide also a form for returning or unsubscribe so you will not have any PAID book again for next time.

The price of each book is 4 euro + 2.90 euro shipping cost. For the delay duration shipping, it will be 14 days after they called you and you will get a letter from them which is they explain you again the same thing like they said on telephone. So I just receive 3 FREE books + 2 FREE TRIAL books not exactly 6 FREE books like in their ads and I received it not in duration 14 days after they called me but almost 30 days and I’ve got the letter 2 weeks before I’ve got my books.

Like you see in my picture there is 5 titles of Disney books, 3 of mine which is FREE are Reine de Neige (FROZEN), Cars and Winnie de Pooh (this one not really a book but it’s a memorial book for your kids about their 1st time born, etc.) and the 2 titles which is FREE TRIAL 14 days are Finding Nemo and The Guard of Lion.

So, I already got those books and I decided to send back the 2 others book and keep just my FREE books but I had mind to call the customer service hotline to inform them if I would like to return their books and they ask my reference number, they check it and they said I don’t need to return their books and I can keep it FREE, yoohoo what’s a good news I had, because I have done search on google about the same topic of that and many were had bad experience with it.

So, I already experienced it and even I feel little disappointed about how many of books I’ve received cause it does not match with their ads and the package was late to come but I’m quite happy also because I don’t need to spend any euro to return the books and those books are really FREE.

If you want to return those books by post better to call their customer service before sending them out with that you will save time and those books totally FREE for you but if you already sent it before you call the customer service it’s okay, don’t be panic because they will send you a check to replace the shipping cost that you made before 😉 happy trying mommas!! Ciao

(Disclosure: The item I’ve got here is FREE and I do this review voluntary and honest, this post not contains for business proposes and just pure for sharing.)

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