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LGBT PARIS PRIDE 2017 “ Marché de fiertés LGBT “

LGBT PARIS PRIDE 2017 “ Marché de fiertés LGBT “

I had been out with my little family cause of my hubby said there is a nice event will be showed on Alexandre III Bridge, so we went there after I met my Indonesian friend in some place to giving the things, then on the way to go to event, I saw there are many people were walking freely on the street and I saw there are many police to guard the place so the street was closed for any vehicles and transform to be a big pedestrian walk (yeah!! I really love this moment when you can walk or even run without worried by the danger of the car or any vehicle passing in front of you and my baby girl can run freely also)  the nearest metro also was closed.

There is something different with people on that day, some of them had their own costume like to have any carnival or fiesta and most of them had some rainbow’s attributes then they were heading to one meeting point and when we arrive In front of Place De Concorde.

Et Voila, I understand to know if there was an event by LGBT in Paris (one of my reasons why I love Paris is they have many events to attend and most of them are for everyone and FREE). Quite many people who attend this event and most of them, of course, are the LGBT community but it also welcomes for everyone. They called that event with “MARCHE DE FIERTES LGBT”.

LGBT is for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community. They choose Rainbow color to be their symbol (they are really colorful). So, the participants in that event mostly are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community.

We know until now always have Pros and cons about this community in social life, because not easy for everybody to accept that they still thinking if to be LGBT It’s kind of a big mistake in social or some people said it’s kind of thing that against the nature’s law, but now some countries already think openly and give them a chance to have the equality right like everybody, in some countries in Europe especially France, they give the same rights for LGBT here for given their voices like everybody and since 18 may 2013 the civil wedding for the same-sex had been legal in France.

So back to that event, this event was held on 24 June 2017 in front of Place de Concorde (Meeting point). They will walk together for celebrating more the 40 years ago they had been fighting for having their Right equality, cons the discrimination for living on social life especially, that’s why the named the event by Marche des Fiertés or Walk of Pride, they are really proudness with their selves to be different than other people as commonly. This event can be for everybody not just for LGBT community and it’s FREE.

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Their program quite simple, that was walking together like do the parade start from Place de Concorde then continue to the Jardin Tuileries, Musé Louvre, Chatelet, Musé George Pompidou in Rambuteau and the finish line in The Place de la Republic. For the walking they start from 2 P.M and will Finish at 5 P.M after the walking the event will continue LIVE concert, so here everybody can enjoying the music LIVE till 10 P.M. it seems really fun event but unfortunately, that day I couldn’t join with this event.

I continue my day with the other event which is not less fun than it and its Journée Olympic, this event more sportive than this one, I will share also about Journee de Olympic. See you soon!!

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