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Let’s Sing a Song with TopsTots

Let’s Sing a Song with TopsTots

We are still in August right??!! but the weather here so bad since a few weeks ago, it’s more look like the autumn than the summer. where is the sun?? Huft, I felt bad also about this weather because I couldn’t take my toddler to play outside and that’s so boring. You know, toddler in age 2 is a very active person and I should need to find any idea for handle it. So what I do when the bad weather come??

Let’s Sing a Song!!

This simple activity is a short activity that will finish for 10 mins or less. But, it will be more fun if we could make it more fun with doing any silly dance while listening to the song and My Little K really loves to do that.

I introduce her some music since she was still on my tummy (I loved to sing a song while I was pregnant and let her the classical music) and continue until now when she is 2 years and will continue without end.😊

Why I introduce her very early? because I read in somewhere ( I forgot where I read that) if the music is really good for baby’s brain development and also for relaxing. And at her age now, I found many new things that she learnt from the song she dances each time she listens to the good music with good rhythm, she starts to sing and she learns ABC or number from the songs, etc.

So for me, the music or song is one of the best ways for my toddler to learn anything with fun and I often downloading or let her open the youtube kids randomly to listen to some kids song or simply to buy some Kids song but sometimes I had difficulty to find the right kids song because of the language, in France we don’t have many choices for kids song  in English version and as my toddler is Bilingual toddler.

And, a few days ago I received a mail and guess what was it? It was a CD kids song from TopsTots (woohoo!!). This CD with the title album “Songs Help Me to Grow”. By the way, before I tell you about how the song was. I will tell you who is TopsTots, maybe some of you are not really familiar with them. So, Tops Tots is a passion project created by LA-based mom and singer-songwriter, Tiffany Villareal.

She writes and sings some kids song because she had inspired by her 18 months baby who loves music and to helping him learn and grow. she had one single ” Socks and Shoes ” that has been hit over 100K viewer without any promotion on her Youtube. and one more this is music for kids age 0-5 years old.


kids song



Like I told you in the beginning about the weather here was so bad and I decided to give an activity for little K to sing a song, and for this moment, I played this CD for her and we had fun on it. So, the first impression from her once she heard the song was DANCE !!! Yeah… she did it! Why? Because the songs were nice, the rhythm and the beat is really good for dancing.

I really love their design of packaging, it’s really simple and thanks to your LOVE letter!! 😆 I love it. There are 10 kids songs on this album and it has around 1- 2 minutes durations each song.

For me, personally all of the songs were great, easy to listen, the lyric is simple and easy to follow (I love this, as I also love to sing the kids song and sometimes I do some gesture while I sing a song to make it fun), the beats really great and most of them are very energetic (except for song no.10 :D).

kids song


Just one time I let Little K listen to those songs, she already had 2 favorite songs without a doubt. It was song no. 6 about the body part (she asked me to replay this one for many times) and no. 8 about the number (this one she could follow a bit the lyrics 😊and sing along with me).

But, overall, it was a good music for my Little K (and me too). I could interact more with my toddler with asking her to dance while I play the songs. So, I recommended for this.

By the way, before this debut album, they already have a few songs on youtube so check it out and subscribe them here and if you want to know the new updates from them you can follow also their Instagram or on their other social media.

So, for you moms or dads who wanna have this one for your little ones. This Debut single album already available on iTunes or you can email them for booking the CD at

before I forgot it, I would like to say thank you for sending me this super song for my toddler and she really likes it. Keep going to write the great songs for the kids !!! 😊

P.S: I love your voice!! 😍😍

(Disclaimer: I have received a FREE product within return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are expressed herein are my own.)

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