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I made some decisions were important for myself

I made some decisions were important for myself

Make a decision isn’t an easy thing to make or even sometimes it’s the easiest thing to do, but how if you need to make a decision for yourself? That happened to me, I made some decisions were important for myself.

And one of my decision is I decided to have a little “BREAK” from Blogging because I feel I need that to refresh everything and restart everything after the New year, so for myself I feel good for my decisions to have a little “break” also this little “break” give me so much good things for my life.

Like I promise you guys in my last post, if you haven’t read it yet you can read here,😁 I will tell you all what and why I’ve done a rest or break time or pause for my blog’s world for a moment. And I’m really sorry for that, even I don’t know if I have someone who waiting for my post or not, I don’t care I just want to say SORRY.😣 And all are because I made some decisions.

It was not an easy decision to make, but I have to make any decision as I’ve right to make the decision. So last year, I have 2 big decisions for my own life related the new activity (blogging).


I made some decisions



The First decision I made was on the last mid-year, I decided to do something that I never thought if I could do or learned it until now.I launch my 1st blog and start to learn some new things, launch with unsecured feeling, worried but the phrase “if you don’t try, you won’t know the result” it gives me courage and also the support from my hubby for sure.

And WHAT’s encourage me more to blogging? MONEY, be honest my biggest mission to blog is money. WHY? The simple answer is I’m a housewife, I and my husband have the beginning of the financial crisis and it bothers me so much as I couldn’t have worked or participated to contribute some cents.

In the beginning of my blog journey is because of money and also to share what I have for everybody at the same time for sure. as you know I like to find some inspirations on Pinterest and the pins about ” How to make money with blogging ” always there and success to pull me for knowing more about blogging.

Since then, I decided to learn how to blog and start with everything from zero as I really not tech savvy and really blank about blogging.

And during a few months, I learn more about the blogging, it gives me more challenges and my world was totally changing, and I got it if being a Blogger wasn’t easy like everyone thought but it interests me more and I enjoyed and happy for it. and it leads me to be more obsession and try everything to get reach my high expectation, I’m kind of impatience also actually :D.

my world starts to unbalance and my second decisions had been taken.


I made some decisions


The second decision I made just the last month of 2017 was I need to do break from the blog’s world. Some of you may be questioning me why I did that, etc; or maybe some of you thought “ah you don’t have something to write down for your blog?” or ” are you quit to blogging?”.

So I will give you my reason now like you know in my 1st decision to make or create a blog, it gives many effects in my life like I said: “blog give any changes in my world”. And like we knew the changes made could be good and bad for everyone it depends on how we take it.

And me, as a newbie blogger I had some problems in my early stage of blogging like other bloggers even newbie or professional bloggers (i think).So WHAT IS MY PROBLEM WITH BLOGGING? Here my problem;

  1. I’m always thinking about how many page views I had today.
  2. I always join many FB groups and I’m LOST as everyday think and plan ” I need to promote on this thread and that and need to share this or that, should comment this or that”
  3. I always had a mind “my post should be perfect before I publish” or I called like my perfectionist side is too over the limit.
  4. Find a good strategy for blogging.
  5. Looking more ways to make money from blog as I read many articles about that (seems I over read about that LOL)
  6. Be active all the time like 24/24, 7/7 with your phone or computer.

And honestly, all of those I did to lead my blog to get more TRAFFIC and cause of my high obsession (like I said before) it was increasing my STRESS level , and the routine I made for my Blog seems forcing me too strong without I knew it and it made me TIRED and bored with that, I feel like I need to Fresh Air!!!

And my other reasons are I was busy with my new activity beside of blogging, I found this so much interesting since the second month of my blogging, I don’t know if it’s kind of distraction or something.

I was busy on knitting and crocheting, I made some crafts from it, you can check my story about that here and here. My big passion besides writing is doing some crafts like sew, knit, crochet, or anything else, so to get this activity it gives me so many joys and also I had a mind to sell my crafts.

And why I choose December for my “pause” time? Because I feel I need to get rest and less stress before Christmas, and because December is my favorite month while I was born in that month and Christmas time also.

Ah beside my blogging stress and new activities, I was busy also to prepare our traveling to visit our families in the South of France. I would like our Christmas more special like other moms want to their families.

Just FYI, I have many things to write down, I have some drafts on my blog but I keep it as for me it’s not ready for publishing yet (my perfection side). So I did the pause not cause I have nothing to publish, hihi.

And why I made those decisions? Because I would like to follow my will, I want to change something to be good in my life and of course, I would like to know what the best for me, for my life.Did I think what I decide was right? Actually, nothing is wrong or right, every decision we made always had the positive and negative that impact on the life. so it depends on how we feel it, for this time I feel my decisions are right for me as it gives me some benefits.

Like I mentioned above, all the decisions that we or I make always give positive and negative, and as my decision especially for #2 I have got many things from it.

  • I have less stress = be happier (money is number xxx now hihi)
  • More “ME” time
  • I could enjoy more time with my family
  • I’m more productive with my hobbies in knit and crochet.
  • I could re-planning all that I need
  • I learn to know more about myself.
  • It teaches me to “let it go” naturally.

After all, those are my reasons why I absence from blogging, and what I need is to restart all my life at the same time the new year is coming and make it more better.

Even before to take any decision, we know well the risk that we will have after taking that decision. And like me, I take a risk for my December blog’s traffic  got lower number than usual as I didn’t do any promote, post the new article and not active 100 % on social media, honestly it made my heart broken to see that but in another side, I feel less stress to enjoy my day.

But I found myself better than before, I’m still lost but at least I could see any good things waiting for me. 😊😊

finally, I made the decisions were important for myself.

How about you? have you ever decided to have “pause” for blogging? If yes, please share yours in the comment below and, if you want to get the update news from me, get yourself subscribe to my email list.

And let’s get connected to my social media!!

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