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How to get the Quality Time with your toddler

How to get the Quality Time with your toddler

The toddler has the high demand on this time for being cuddle or just for sharing some time with their parents, and some parents also busy with their weeks on the job.

So, don’t be surprised if your toddler always did something that you can’t accept and lead you to angriness or all the bad actions. and actually what they want just your time or what we know with the Quality Time so how to get the quality time with your toddler?

It’s already a few days I felt my mood upside down, it’s kind of something change in my hormones, and also I’m a bit busy to do my blog in the central computer at home ( usually I do on my laptop but since last week my laptop doesn’t want to turn on, Don’t know why)and cleaning the house.

so, I was a bit ignored little K after she wakes up from her nap and let her play alone.And after finish with the computer, I’m a bit loose control and continue to my phone, try anything for my blog and once again I ignore her ( I know it’s not a good thing πŸ˜”),

each time she did something to attract my attentions (usually the bad one), refuse to listen to me and all are putting me into angriness and ending with giving her any punishment.Β I know it should be my fault, I don’t have a good action with my toddler, I should stay focus and try to balance between my needs with her needs to be taking care and get more attentions.

Quality time with your toddler
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But I’m still a human that can get wrong or still have an ego to do my own things without any disturbance.

so this morning I think over about what’s happening during the week and I found my fault, because of “too busy” and the bad weather here it gives my mood upside down and its effect to my little one. Since that, I think to have more quality time with her and I don’t want to be the guilty cause of that.

So I have a few ways to make my quality time with her.

1.I must to DISCONNECTED for a while.

Okay, for this I think everyone understands what I mean about DISCONNECTED. Yeap!!Β What I mean about disconnected is I should be away from my gadget world, from my phone, laptop, or PC. And at the 1st, that’s really hard for me as I’m really addicted to my phone.

Hopefully, I’m a bit less addicted than before but seems that addict comes up again since I do blog (oh my!!! 😲), as I do my draft, take the picture, promote my blog, do share and comment others blogs, research for everything by phone.

So, to get focus with my toddler and my family I should control myself and disconnected with that world. So how IΒ do disconnect? Turned off the phone??


The 1st trial I just turn the silent with vibrate mode but I still couldn’t resist on my phone, seems like the sensibility of my ear is increasing (LOL). So, what I do at the end is make it silence mute (no vibrate) and it’s work for me.


2.I give more my attentions to her.

All the children need a lot of LOVE or more ATTENTIONS from their parents, especially from their mom. (Happy to be mom)Β and at the age of little K, her demands to be a center of attentions is higher, she wants me to always see what she did, or she wants me to give any compliment to her when she did anything.

So, how I can give more attentions to her? I just do the simple ways with giving her my kisses and hugs, looking at what she was done and give her any compliment on her.Β Talking with her about anything, whatever you can do anything that showed if you give all of you to your toddler.


3.I create the sharing moment for me and her

So, what is the sharing moment I mean? The sharing moment is an activity that done by together and gives more pleasure to each other.For me, the sharing moment is very important to make my bonding with her more tighter.

So, I have 6 ways to share the moment that I usually do with Little K, it’s a simple activity but really done by two of us.

1. Bubble Bath Time

Since she’s more understandable than before, I decide to have this as a weekend ritual, we do it once a week and usually on Friday.This ritual is kind her favorite as she really loves the bubbles (all kids love bubbles even me too!!) And why I choose this? Because to have a bath is kind of us for relaxing while we enjoy the warm water.

So both of mom and kids will feel the relaxed and fun at the same time. Maybe there is the mom who is thinking about “we couldn’t have the bath together as parent and children” or ” it’s not hygienic!!” Or ” we (parents /mom) should have any privacy”.

Okay, mom, calm down!! Please be open mind, for me as long as your kids are a toddler, nothing wrong with that. Don’t build the wall too high between you and your kids, it’s too early!!

Why? Because later when your kids start to the teenager they won’t do it again to you. They know about the privacy. So, enjoy it as long as you can do together with your kids.

2. Playing with them.

You can play anything with them, like the hide and seek games or just sing a song with them, for them it’s kind of a great moment that they could get from you. And with this, you can teach them anything with the toys like ABC, number or color or maybe to encourage them to speak more. Just make it fun together and toddler learning many things from playing. So we could do 2 things at the same time “Teaching and Play” to our toddler.

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3. Cooking or baking together.

I started to do this just right now when she turns 2 years old because I consider her already understand, she knows about instructions etc.Β My 1st time baking with her not really in the good result because she is a curious girl and would like to taste all and want to touch all.

So, she’s annoying and had a little war between me. But at the end, she starts to understand and I try to give her the trust to do what I said to her.I also like to let her taste my cook to make her explore the new taste and I wish to minimize for her food picker at some new foods.

4.hanging out together.

This one, I often did it as it was me since she was born until now who take care of her (most of the time)and I didn’t let her in baby care. So it’s obligations for me to bring her anywhere and anytime. And most of the time she enjoys it while hanging out with me even sometimes she needs to be in the middle of gossip girl LOL.

and whatever toddler also need to go out and enjoy the outside, if not they will easily be stressful and it’s not really good for them. once the sun is here, I try to go out with her as often as I can πŸ™‚

5. Do the house chore together.Β 

Are you serious 2 years old toddler asked to do house core together? Yes, I’m serious, TOTALLY SERIOUS!!! Little K so far never really disappointed me, and she helps me voluntarily.Β You just simply to ask her nicely to put all her toys in its place or ask her to help you after shopping to put all the things into its place.

I never force her to do, but she did by herself and for her, it’s fun because while she helps me to do something. there are always new words for her to practice and memorize, So let’s fun!!!

6. Watching TV or Movie together.Β 

Little K really loves to see the movie that I and her papa save it on Harddisk (pssst, each Christmas when we visit her grandparent, her papa always copy a lot of kids movie or cartoon or something like the newest movie that we can’t have it in the cinema).

And her recent favorites movies are Frozen, Zootopia, SingΒ and The Baby Boss. She really likes them a lot, she watch it all over and over without felt bored and now she likes more to follow the scene like an actress hi hi hi.πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

And at her age now, she always had something to show or something to comment during the movie (as she learns to talk also), so to be with her while watching the movie or TV that such a good sharing moment for 2 of us.Β I could explain her more about the movie and she could learn more or practicing her speaking and also she felt I’m not just busy with myself but all my attentions is for her.

Those are my way to get the Quality Time with my toddler. So, how about you? I believe every mom has their own way to get their Quality time with their toddler.πŸ˜‰

Quality time with your toddler


26 thoughts on “How to get the Quality Time with your toddler

  1. I am just starting up a blog and want to invest so much time in it. However, I still have my little peanut that needs that focus as well. This is a great reminder. Turn off tech and just focus!

  2. Working from home, staying “disconnected” is the biggest hurdle I find to having quality time with my little one. Literally have to place my phone in a different room.

  3. Love this! Disconnecting is key! With this world that we are living in being more and more technology based, it’s super important that we drop our gadgets and spend time with our chitlins!

    • Thanks πŸ™‚ it will be cool to spend more with your 3 kids as they don’t have too much far for the different age, you can have found easily the same activity for spending together πŸ™‚

  4. Totally agree with you how sometimes it gets difficult to shrink in some time for kids as well as work, but the tips you mentioned are absolutely brilliant. I will also try to use the DISCONNECT one. Thanks for writing this!

    • yes, that’s it. and for DISCONNECT is the hardest challenge for everyone and including me, but we need to try πŸ˜€ and Thanks, I’m glad if my writing could help anyone πŸ˜€

  5. I think these tips can be used on babies as young as 6 months. I have a 4 month old who really demands my attention, and I do all the above with him. Just that he doesn’t understand most of the things we do together, he just wants to be with mommy.

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