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Happy Papa’s Day !!❤

Happy Papa’s Day !!❤

This few days I and my baby girl were a bit busy to hang out to hunt any gift for “Father’s day”, it was fun but really I’m not creative enough for finding the good gift for that occasion and other occasions that related with Man, I think you all also have the same mind like me, it’s not easier to find any gift’s idea for a woman than a man.

So, we spent almost one day but it still not enough, I had an idea in my head to gift the book to him because he really like to read a book in Metro during his way back home from job and when he had business trip or when he had his “ME TIME” so I choose to go to our favourite place FNAC bookstore to search that book.

When arrive we go to Science Fiction part and “WHICH BOOKS??” Hmm, it’s the best question of the day!! I really don’t have any idea which book that will please my hubby so I decided to back home without anything.

Next day, we went out again and yoo-hoo (2 consecutive days I was in outside for hunting gift)!! This time we just found the cute greeting card, I really love this design that’s really elegant, vintage, unique , you can give it to anyone girl or boy and the words of course really touchy, I found this card on FNAC store it is not easy to find the good and suitable for your lovely person, even it’s just a card but it really could work it if you give the right cards to the right one :D, I’m really picky about the giving something to someone so I need about 30 mins to decide all the cards they had in the store and finally I choose this one.

After that, I change the store to HEMA (this is my favourite shop ever with the small price 😀 and good quality) it was nearby and really closed with Metro station to buy the chocolate for the Father’s Day Gift, I thought this one little gift was very cute, not cause of the colour pink on it but more in the words on that package “YOU MAKE ME SO HAPPY”, those words are enough to express what I felt to him and it’s the truth ❤.

So, 18 June 2017 is the Father’s day internationally and for this year France also celebrate it on the same date, in the morning like usually wake up a bit early than my hubby, I prepare the card with some words and chocolate that I bought that 2 days before. Then, after all, is finish all the preparation my little baby woke up and I ask her to write “I LOVE YOU PAPA “maybe some of you asking me “how old is she? She already knew how to write?” she is almost 2 years old and of course not, she didn’t know how to write yet but I hold her hand and try to write it all together with her and she really enjoys it and even she wants to write more things.

So at the end, I asked my baby girl to bring the card and the chocolate for waking up her papa and he looks very happy with that this year is the 2nd time we celebrate the Father’s day the same like me for the Mother’s day it was my 2nd time also 😀



So for this year we didn’t have really special to celebrate the Father’s day just for giving the little gift to appreciate my man, the father’s of my girl because he’s absolutely a special man and SUPER DAD ever J. And yes before I forgot to it I would like to say “HAPPY FATHER’s DAY” to all papas in the worlds.

Oh yeah by the way for the date of father’s day I think each country has the different date for that. Like in Indonesia it will be 12 November but I think not many people knew it and do the celebration for that in the France usually the 3rd Sunday of June, and internationally for this year it was 18 June. So, how is in your country? Do you celebrate it at the same date like here? And the next mission will be coming up for hunting the gift for birthday and Christmas…

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