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How to get my body back after baby?

How to get my body back after baby?

Have you felt if your body didn’t sexy anymore after baby? or have you a double belly? your balance starts to scare you each time you try to know which number you are? or you start to ask to google or to yourself  “Oh My, how to get my body back??” or maybe you start to regret having a baby? oh please Don’t Regret that.

having a baby is kind of miracle for your life and YOU ARE NOT ALONE as I felt the same way before except the feeling of “to regret to having a baby”. I really understand about those things, some of the mom seem frustrated with their looks and also they lose their confidence after baby because of that.

But, your world hasn’t ended yet, Mom!! we still have a chance and everything is possible like what I experience on my postpartum moment when I decide to find a good way to get my body back and I did it. So now, I would like to share you my story, how it was begun and how’s the result.


When I was a single lady, I already had a weight problem and I love to eat!! (who is don’t like to eat hehe ) in my early 20’s, I have 65 kg (or around 143 lbs) with height 1.58 m (5ft 2″) so based on BMI (Body Mass Index), my normal weight should be on BMI rate 18.5 – 24.9 and for my weight at that time it gives me a number of 26 on BMI rate it’s mean I already overweight. if you want to check your BMI, click here (I use that site for getting my BMI number but, you are freely using any site to check yours or just googling it and you will found it.)

Honestly, I really ignorant at that time, I even had kind of bullying from my friends and family because of my weight. Family? yes, even my family also bully me, one of my aunts ever said me if no one will want to marry me or if there someone, I will get more weight problem later especially AFTER BABY if I didn’t do anything for losing my weight!! well, that was really hurting me so much so, I decide to ignore it all and always try to be positive if the miracle will come one day and I will prove it if I could be slimmer.

Then, a few years after my Prince charming was coming and marry me and took me to France and start to the new life there. At this moment, everything starts to change, from the small things like different FOOD, and the eating habit, etc I don’t know I should say thanks or what as actually it suffering me as I couldn’t eat what I want but it helps me to lose my WEIGHT just in 2 weeks I lose about 5 kg (11 lbs). So amazing number for me and my weight is always stable on that number until I’m Pregnant, I gain weight and it’s normal in pregnancy but that time I felt something not right.

As I usually hate when I know I gained some weight but during my pregnancy, I’m a bit worry as I just gained total 5 kg ( 11 lbs ) during my pregnancy while other mommies-to-be gained minimum 7 kg (15 lbs) and actually because I had the wrong mindset about the weight of pregnancy, as the newly pregnant women I had a fear of “your weight will be affecting your baby’s weight, so if you are not gained so much so your baby will be smaller” and that’s all are WRONG!!, So my weight it back to my normal weight before I move to France and also the other reason I didn’t gain so much during pregnancy because of this.

After baby,  I lose around 8 kg (17 lbs), and that’s a normal for us as the baby is out and my baby is weight 3.2kg (7 lbs) if you want to know more about my birth story click here, this moment is the beautiful moment in my life related to weight haha, I reached that number for the last time, it was when I was 15.

and I could reach again that number after my baby born that’s such wonderful :D, after everything happen during my first 7 months sadly, I gained again my weight as I couldn’t control my eating habit (I eat like a monster but it should be normal as I’m Breastfeeding but it just last for 2,5 months breastfeeding) and at this time it gained 9 kg ( 19 lbs).

When I knew I gained that too much, so since then I decided to find many ways to get my body back, I googling and asking my doctor each time I’ve scheduled for consultation with my doctor after I’ve got the permission from her to start any exercise and everything for proposing to lose my weight. I’ve made a plan for A year for testing this or that exercise and other ways to lose my weight quickly.

Get my body back

and I made it 9 months I could LOSE 10 kg (21 Lbs) with my hard work, my own research, suffering from exercise (I’m not a fan of a sport so get an exercise really give me something), and support from my hubby, and now I feel more healthy and confident in my body.

and now, after I experience it and I could prove it if we are a mom, still can get back our body after baby, we could be more healthy and sexier for sure, haha. So, I would like to share my ways that I used in my lose weight journey after baby.

Okay, Moms. from my experience and my own research by googling, I found 3 elements that help me to lose my weight after baby are EXERCISE, HABIT, and CONSISTENCY. but before I talk more I need to tell you what you need to prepare for doing these elements.

Things what I did before I start my lose weight Journey:

  • Write down my Body measurement and my weight in the morning just after wake up.
  • Plan and prepare the exercise for losing weight.
  • Spare my time for exercise
  • Take a picture full of body before and during the journey


Doing the exercise for losing weight, it sounds really common for us. and many said “hey, do some exercise for getting your shape!!” and it sounds really easy for them and it always works for them. and how about us?? I told you during my research for my own purpose.

There are many kinds of exercise from the easiest level to the difficulty one. and we agree if exercise is for everyone but wait… what kind of exercise do you mean? you know what, I found if not all exercise is great for us, especially for mommy.

Most of us had been wrong to choose which exercise that suitable for us, a MOM. I was also wrong to choose the exercise for myself and the result is ZERO, I didn’t Lose any ounce. and what I get? I’ve suffered from that, I feel disappointed, and the Important I felt TIRED.

So, Moms, What we need to do before starting the exercise?

  • Check your health conditions to your doctor or if you feel you don’t need any doctor to check yourself so just do it but consultation with your doctor is Highly Recommended as our health level is more fragile after baby.
  • Find the good type of exercise for yourself,  I recommend starting with the slow, easy and simple exercise as your body need adjusting with that.
  • Plan to do your exercise for minimum 2 times a week or if you want to do exercise every day make sure your exercise will be the easiest and simple exercise that suitable to do every day and STICK to it.
  • Spare your time at least 30 minutes for exercise

For my exercise, I have 3 main exercises that I had been tried and done during my lose weight journey, there are ;

  • Postnatal Exercise / Bodyweight Exercise

Postnatal Exercise? what’s that? is that exist? YES, it’s Exist and this exercise actually it’s kind of the basic bodyweight exercise so it’s like the Squat, Bridge, Plank, Sit up, Push up and etc. that we can be done at home and with the special way and with the good portions of the exercise.

for me, I’ve done this when I search on youtube and found Moms Into Fitness, the MIF has many kinds of exercise that suitable for moms.and I try their exercise for postnatal and learn about Diastasis Recti and which exercise that suitable for that. 

get my body back
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Did you know what is that Diastasis Recti? Diastasis Recti is When you have the abs separations after pregnancy and all the moms will have it just depend on how big the separations are. and how to do check it? you can check it at home and for more detail, you can see here.

So, I have the Diastasis Recti ( but not too serious) and I did the special and simple exercise for it. then, I continue the exercise challenge POSTNATAL SLIMDOWN by Lindsay Brin & MIF for 4 weeks, if you want to try this challenge also, you can see here.

From this exercise, I was loose 1 kg (2 lbs) in 2 weeks and the gaps on my abs start to be smaller than before and I felt so great after doing this exercise. honestly, for the first time, it’s really tiring and it gave aches to all over the body, but it’s normal as my body starts to adjust to the new situation.

  • Yoga

Yoga is my favorite exercise ever as it’s really calm and less stress, and it challenges me to do some flexibility, I love that. And I could say, this is the perfect exercise for the beginner or the person who never done any bodyweight exercise. Honestly, before I never believe if yoga could help me to lose my weight as it’s kind of slow exercise and if you never did it, you will think if that’s not an exercise as it will not give you any sweats.

get my body back

BUT, in reality, YOGA will make you sweat more than you think and I could lose weight with that.Yeah, that’s so surprising me to know that. and Yoga really builds my body strong, especially on arm and legs, actually, I try yoga when I was pregnant and that time I try to have yoga for pregnancy and now I try to lose weight.

for my lose weight I try the challenge from Jen Helman on Youtube to have 7 days Yoga challenge for weight loss. I try this yoga in my third month of my lose weight journey. I try for 5 weeks and I lose 4 kg (8lbs).

Besides it makes my body more strong, yoga also makes me calmer and less stress, less tired, sleep well and for sure my body more flexible than before.

  • Walking

The last one is Walking, the simple exercise ever that I have done during my journey and till now. and it really easy to do, what you need just walking and for me, usually I will walk on Weekend as those days I will rest from my other exercises and this is helping me a lot to stay active even I’m not doing my other exercise.

get my body back

for walking, usually I use the apps from Samsung health to count how many steps I’ve done for that days, and I set my target to have at least 10.000 Steps for a day. this exercise is my favorite besides the Yoga as I could have done during my shopping or enjoying with my family in outside.


Talking about habit, what I experienced habit really affected to my losing weight journey, I don’t know why exactly but it really gives me a good result on it. So, I have 2 habits that I’ve done during my journey in my daily life,


okay, for the sleeping habit. why it helps me a lot in my lose weight journey? because I learn about if sleep well on the night it will help to burn well your calories and cause of that I change my sleeping habit.

Before, I did sleep less than 5 hours or sometimes more than 9 hours that’s too much.and actually, that habit makes me more tired in a day and made my body function slowing down. So actually that’s really recommended to sleep at least 6-8 hours a day.

Then, I change it to sleep based the recommended hours. and it gives me really different, I feel fresher and fit on the day and also being more productive.


This Habit is kind of the hardest part besides exercise that I’ve been through, as you know in my story if I love eating and before I have bad eating habit like I could eat anytime as I want and during my journey I learn many things about the eating habit like “EAT OFTEN BUT IN SMALL PORTIONS ” it will make your digestion system working well. So, what kind of eating habit I change for losing my weight? here what I’ve done;

  1. I’m being Less Sugar and Salt consumer.
  2. Drinking a lot of water.
  3. I’m eating less but often.
  4. Start to cook for my lunch and dinner.
  5. I’m Eating less the fast food and fried food.

When you are read my habit above you will say “oh it’s kind of your DIET”, and actually yes it’s kind of my DIET but not really a Diet I just try to change to the healthy habit. as so many times I tried to have a diet it always FAILED.

why? because before I don’t understand exactly how’s the real meaning of DIET is or the good eating habit is.Until I found the app on play store (it’s available also on iTunes), it’s free it’s called The Secret of Weight. on that apps, it explains about the calories and calories are related to the food as food is the big income source of calories in our body.

Get my body back
Image source: Screenshot of Play Store Google

So, from that apps, I found other words of DIET and it called “CUTTING THE CALORIES” and how it works? What I learn from that app about the calories is to lose 1kg (2lbs) you need to burn 7000 calories and for women usually need around 1800-2000 calories per day.

and this app will ask you to set the target how many kg/lbs you want to lose and you need to input all the foods quantity that you ate during a day.with that, the app will help you to track how many calories in during a day, and each time you input the food on that app you can see how many calories left for a day.

I’ve used this app for 4 months and after my eating habit is created as I taking care with my calories and when I need to track back my calories just simply I used this app as I want without any limit. What I like from this apps is first it’s easy to use and second is free and I could control my calories on-the-go as it’s mobile friendly. When I used this app and combining with my exercise “yoga” at that time in a month I could lose 4 kg ( 8 lbs).

it really gives me an idea about the real DIET or Counting Calories is. As what we know is to do DIET is you can eat this or that and ended with suffer, but with this app there’s not a rule about what you should eat but you just need to take care of your calories in, besides the app, it available also in the book version “The Secret of Weight” in English and French Version if you prefer more to read a book than on the app or if you want to learn more about the calories counting.


Consistency, yes. it’s not easy to have the consistency, and more with the things that we are not usually to do. during my journey, sometimes I don’t feel any courage to do all the things for getting my body back. and this feeling could break my consistency for my project to lose my weight.

So, actually why consistency is really affected on my journey? as we know, we can’t lose our weight just in a night, it needs more time, hard work and consistency. if we didn’t have that, what we have done will not give the great result or will end with’s normal sometimes we feel impatient or unmotivated, so how I could stay consistent with my losing weight?

when I feel unmotivated usually I will open my gallery on my phone and I will see my “before” picture and compare it with Now, and it usually gives me more motivated, also I like to re-think my reason why I would like to lose my weight. to be positive all the time also helping me to get consistent.

oh yeah, during my journey lose weight I combined all those 3 elements until I’ve got the best result for my lose weight journey, and to lose 10 kg ( 20 lbs) in 9 months is not easy but it’s possible. what you need is always being motivated, be patient and try to get it naturally without consuming any weight loss supplement or vitamin.

Well, that’s my way to get my body shape back, hope it could inspire you to get your body back and remember moms, you are not alone and to get your body back is possible!!

by the way, if you feel there is someone who needs this, you can help them (and me) by sharing this post or pin this to save for later 🙂

4 thoughts on “How to get my body back after baby?

  1. I’m so happy for you! You found the secret formula that so many women are looking for. I have pinned it to one of my biggest boards. thanks for sharing and all the best with motherhood and your blog.

    • Thanks Joleisa!!!, Yes Finally!! after the hard work, even me till now I still feel like in a dream to get my body back after baby and finally I could prove it if I can do it!! and if i can do it so all moms also can do it :D.

  2. I gained 50 lbs and lost about 20 at my five week check up with the doctor. Lost 25 lbs more with the help of eating 1,800 calories daily and working out like crazy and drinking Mummy magic weight loss tea 3xday. It’s hard to lose the baby weight and takes about nine months to put it in so I figured it’d take that long to lose it but I was lucky that it didn’t take that long time.

    • wow, lucky you!! 🙂 yes, nine months was loong actually, but slow but sure 😀 hihihi, and actually each person had different effect on their body to weight lost 😀

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