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Gardening in balcony

Gardening in balcony

It’s almost one year we moved out here in the new place or “Our new Nest”, here we have a 7 meters long of balcony (before we don’t have one but we lived on the 7th floor we have a great view but now we just on 1st floor but we had the balcony) quite good to decorate it with a few flower or maybe to grow some herbs because I loved to cook with the herbs,

And because we just moved on Autumn or Fall last year we didn’t start to decorate our balcony as soon as possible (the weather wasn’t supported and we were tired of the moving thing) then, just this spring we started to decorate our balcony with a few flowers and I try to grow a few things also.

I and my husband never had any experience at all about the gardening but I like the flower and interesting to grow something in our balcony and for my hubby, he like a little bit intimate on the balcony that’s why he would put a bit the flowers on the balcony.

And for the taste, of course two of us are having different taste about the gardening, for example: I choose more to put more flowers than the plant like little Fir tree or anything else that won’t have any flower and me, I like more to have any roses, lavender, or any kind of flower that have such a beautiful colors. So, when the time we need to choose the 1st plant that will be on our balcony we choose like he wants because that time also I didn’t find any beautiful flower.

We had 3 favorites places now to find our needs for gardening, Leroy Merlin, Castorama, and Truffaut (here they are many choices for the plant) and all those places are the nearest place from our house now. For the very beginning of the gardening journey both of us just buy the place for the planting 1St and wait a bit for 2 or 3 weeks we start to find which plant is good for us. So, We had bought some little Fir tree at the beginning and ended with buy some flowers.

For now, I have kind of daisy (if I’m not wrong for the name), the pink roses, and some of colourful flowers I forgot what it name (this flower I had bought 1 package which contains 6 little plants of flower with different colors), some little cactus (ouuw, I really fall in love now with the little cactus,❤ I put them in the kitchen at this time to decorate it.) and a little aloe vera.


Ah yes, we had bought 2 little pot of plants but these things it’s kind of to plant it by yourself, they just provide you a little pot, 2 tablets of dry soil and the seeds (sounds interesting to start your 1st experience with the small one) and then, we choose the Chili and Peanut.

Once the plant and flower had been bought and not forget to prepare the soils for the moving process of the plant from the old to the new place, all the process was done with my hubby (I can’t help him because I had allergy on my finger and I avoid to touch anything before the allergy gone away and my hubby also not allowed me to help him) but there is one part that I do it for myself (to feel the real sensation to grow your plant by yourself, hehe)

I use the gloves to protect my fingers and I try to grow Clementine, Lemon, Ginger and 2 little pots that we had bought before (chili and peanut). How you get your lemon, ginger and clementine seed, did you buy it? Uhm, NO, I didn’t buy any seeds yet, except the 2 pots that I mentioned before. For the lemon, clementine, and ginger I do by myself.

For the lemon and clementine seeds I do with take the seed from the real fruit and I clean it with the water and make it dry, and then I’m planting it in the place that we already prepared. I had wait for almost a months for my lemon give me a little plant buds, I don’t know why it takes so long maybe cause of the weather or other factors (I have never done it before even to read or to find it out more how to do it right)

what I have done with all the plants and flowers we have are just watering them almost every day if always a sunny day (except the cactus and aloe vera I didn’t water too much) and put them in the good places. For the Clementine seeds, I still didn’t see yet the plant buds come out, we need to wait for more for that if it’s success or not.

For the ginger, it’s because I had a bad habit of buying the ginger that I use it rarely or almost never to use it (just use it when I would like to cook any Indonesian or Chinese food that needs ginger on the ingredients).

So, the young buds of ginger are really easy to grow, and I just took that and plant it like usual and watering it every day except rainy day.And now the buds growing taller and before. So I could say I’m success to plant the ginger by myself in the 1st try.

For my 2 little pots that I bought it, the chilli already growing a few cm just in 8 -14 days after I plant them (ahh, how happy I am when I saw it growing nice 😊) but for the peanut till now I don’t see any sign if it grow better or maybe I fail for this plant. And for the flowers, I have the experience to see how amazing and important the water for the plant or flowers.


So, it happens with my purple flower if I’m not wrong it named the Cosmos when we bought it just only one flower buds and maybe I forgot to water or I give less water the day before and the next day I saw it seems dead, I’ve little panic and try to give it the water and wait for a few hours the water seems alive again. The same with my rose and now two of them have many flower buds that ready to bloom.

Uhm, someone has the same experience like me about the gardening?? Honestly, for Gardening, it’s really interesting but a bit complicate also because all factors really give the impact for the plants and flowers we had, like the flowers, they will die when the autumn or winter is coming.

I was thought before to gardening is a really easy job but in fact NO, really same like take care the children or the pets, they need the care and love hopefully they are not running every where like the little kids or maybe like the pets, hehe. Even like that, it never makes me give up to try to gardening.

Now, I and my hubby already planning to make a little space special to grow the herb or a little tomato or even the strawberry depends on the season on our balcony.

Oh yeah, maybe you think is it possible to gardening in the small place like the balcony? And I will say yes it possible because I and my hubby already bought the book for that and it said in the book if it’s possible, just need to manage the place and prepare the good positions for the future plants. Have you tried it also in your balcony? If YES, would you like to share it here on the comment? If NO, let’s we try it together it’s FUN !!

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