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Free Hair treatment by Kerastase Indonesia

Free Hair treatment by Kerastase Indonesia

Hi everyone!!what’s up?? For me, I felt good but just a little bit struggling with my hair. Why my hair? Because since I moved in France and after baby, I felt my hair being weaker and more hair loss, as women, of course, I felt (really) worry about that.So, I’m still trying to find the right shampoo for my hair. For your info, I also try the natural remedy for my hair loss but the result didn’t satisfy me too much.

And to have treatment in Beauty Salon, I don’t have time and it’s a bit pricey ( i know beauty is cost you but I know also if there is have many ways to get beauty with low cost or maybe FREE πŸ˜€ ).Honestly, I’m really loved to have the FREE things. I think everybody love that also :), so back to my hair, I have the hair loss for me it’s really heavy loss because I can see my hairline really clearly each time I saw myself in the mirror and it always breaks my heart to see that.

But, around 5 months ago when I back to my home country in Indonesia for visiting my family and for a little holiday also, I have a chance to get the FREE treatment in one salon in Batam island called Sibel hairdressing salon whose collaborate with KERASTASE Indonesia for testing their product.

How you could get that FREE treatment?? I could get this chance because I do any register online by the publication on Facebook that had been shared by my friend who is the beauty blogger in Indonesia so indirectly she invite me to this event.

As I will be in my country for holiday, so I try my chance for that (because it just valid only in Indonesia) and yoohoo !!, I got the voucher for the FREE Treatment and I said to my best friend if we will have that treatment together, I really use this time for “ME Time” as I really less to get Me time since my Little K born.

Free Hair treatment by Kerastase Indonesia

So, short story, I went to that salon, it’s not really spacious for me but it comfy enough, and the staff really friendly (even they know I will get free treatment) and so overall was good.

Before I and my friend have our free treatment, there is one person from Kerastase Indonesia who will do any test on our hairs before any treatment. After that, she suggests all the product that related to the problem of the hair.

For me, the big problem is Hairloss. So she suggests me to have tried the additional serum (and for this its paid but for me because it’s occasionally and why not I try it so I add it into my treatment and for the price not really expensive if I compare with here in France. So it’s okay πŸ˜€ ).

The treatment is for one hour and including wash + treatment + blowing, and for the treatment they gave the shampoo especially for hair loss, continue with the serum anti hair loss, and the last one they gave my hair ciment thermique before styling the hair, to prevent more damage on hair after hot air from hair dryer or other styling tools.

Free Hair treatment by Kerastase Indonesia

my hair looks awesome after treatment. For the result of hair loss, I couldn’t get it directly it needs to have minimal 6 months treatment to know if that really works or not. And unfortunately, I could get that because I should back to France in a few weeks.

After the treatment finish, they gave us the little gift such as the sample of the product that they used on my hair. I’ve got shampoo and the styling conditioner that I said before. I use the sample of those products when I back to France, the 1st I try for the styling one (ciment thermique), and that’s sooooo gooood!!! (I really recommended) it gives your hair far from dryness after you do styling with your tools and my hair really smooth and smell really good.

The 2nd, I try for the shampoo (Bain DensitΓ©) and I loved it also, it’s smell good and stays for a long time, and after use, I felt my hair really light and a little bit less hair loss during I rinse my hair. Maybe when my current shampoo is finished I will try to use this shampoo for my hair :p. So, for the overall, all the product of KERASTASE is very good and I will try to use this product to get the best result for the hair loss after my current shampoo is finished hahaha…

By the way, my friend that I mentioned above, she’s Indonesian Beauty Blogger and you can visit her on her blog here journey about makeup, she did many reviews about product makeup and beauty care product. See you in my next post πŸ˜‰ !!

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