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FREE Fashion Show in PARIS, France

FREE Fashion Show in PARIS, France

Free Fashion show

Begining of August, suddenly I read one of my friend posted on FB and asking if anyone would like to join her for an event because she had an extra ticket and she has no idea for that.
It’s a bit eye-catching for me as she mentions “FASHION SHOW” for the event.


YES!!!Why not??!!

I want it so baaaaddd!!!! 😍😍

Honestly, I never attend some fashion show before and honestly it’s such a good opportunity for me to explore a bit..

But I have a problem, I have a toddler and I couldn’t leave her alone in somewhere as I know not all fashion show event allowing the toddler to come there, so I ask my friend if my toddler could join with me or not and she said yes she could!! Yeaayyy a winning for me as a mom!! How happy and excited I am when I knew that.

Even I didn’t know if Little K could enjoy or at least seat nicely there. I ask further about my toddler allowance and we set the meeting time and place in the next day.

So, talking about Fashionshow, who didn’t know if Paris is one of the famous city of fashion, much famous fashion designer comes from this place like Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, etc.

Free Fashion show


That’s why for me to get this opportunity to see the fashion show is really amazing.

Now, let’s we talk about the event, this Fashion show is a small fashion show that is held by one of the biggest shopping mall of Paris, France “Galleries Lafayette”.

I think for you who ever visited Paris, especially you will not back to your home without entering to this Big shopping mall, if you don’t shop there at least, you visit it to take a look.
This event is organized by Galleries Lafayette every Friday and the show will be on the 4th floor in the salon opera near the lingerie section.

When I have this show? This Free Fashion Show is always available every Friday and for me, I had an invitation from my friend it was for 3 August 2017.

Where is Galleries Lafayette?
The address is 40 Boulevard Haussmann 75019 Paris

And how to get there? Oh, it’s really easy to get here for sure, you can take the metro and choose ligne 9 and go down in Chausse D’antin (Lafayette) and you already under the Galleries Lafayette.

if you come from other metro station nearby you just need to find Galleries Lafayette Femme just near the Homme as Galleries Lafayette have some Building separately, Homme, Femme & Enfant, Maison, and gourmets, etc.

Free Fashion show


The show was started at 3 P.M, but that day I and my friends come more early because we didn’t know the exact place as the sign wasn’t clear enough for me and we ask the people also for the directions and also we were hoping could get the best position for watching this show.πŸ˜€

When the time almost 3 P.M we already there to wait and enter the room, there’s one lady who is ready with her scanner to scan the ticket and another lady who pleases us to take the mineral water.

And the gentleman who are helping us to get our seats and give us the pen for fulfilling the questionnaire about the show.

The room wasn’t big but not small also and bright, they arranged all the chairs very good and let the questionnaire with small catalog about what they will present later.

This show was presented about their famous brandΒ collections for Fall/Winter 2017, that was so interesting and the show was for 30 mins with the professional models and it was a really good show.

When it starts, the room was set with the light so we could see the show clearly and easily to take some pictures also, and the music was good.

Free Fashion show

The models have presented the collections based on the small book that it offered to you in the chair and After the show, we need to give back the questionnaire before we left the room.

During the show, I was surprised with little K as I’m a bit worried she will be bored and will do any tantrum but that time, she curious and really sit calmly and do a comment like “Maman, princesse dress!! same!!!” While pointing to her tutu dress.

For mommies, who bring their baby or toddler (like me), this show is really friendly for anyone to include the baby. And if you bring the stroller, they had a space for parking your stroller during the show.

Free Fashion show


How to get this Free Show? you just need to email to or you can do directly in helpdesk to get the reservations.

and the ticket is Free but if you check on their site there are some notes about the price like if you are more than 15 persons you need to pay 10 euro/person incl. Tax and etc.

For the toddler or kids, they need the ticket for coming with you inside to enjoy the show.

Ahh, and one more, there is no special dress code to enter this show. You can wear casually. The day I saw this show, everyone comes with casual wear and most of them are tourist also.
I wore just simple blouse and jeans with sneakers but I did more for little K dress code, I put her into tutu dress and a simple t-shirt with small backpack and sneaker for sure LOL.

14 thoughts on “FREE Fashion Show in PARIS, France

  1. Nice article. I personally have never been to a fashion show either. I think the outfits are beautiful. I love looking at fashion because there is so much diversity in some of the ensembles. Amazing post. I’m glad you got to take your little one with you and enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing this experience.

    • thanks Laila, yes, me too, I never thought if i could saw that, as before in my mind when you said watch the fashion show it’s kind of luxury things and need to have someone you know to get access of it. πŸ˜€

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