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Fish and Chip Homemade Recipe

Fish and Chip Homemade Recipe

I and Papa K just discussing the menu for a week (my hubby also participate to thinking of it also 😛 ) and we put the Fish into our meal plan. And we choose a weekend, why weekend? Because just only weekend we go to the market together near our home.

Some of you may be asking why I should go to the market for having the menu based on fish? And the answer is I love more to buy the fresh fish to cook than to buy the frozen one because 1st is for the price is cheaper than in supermarket or the frozen one, 2nd is the taste of the fish on the market is tastier  than the supermarket,

and the last is if you are don’t know what to cook with the fish but you still want to have fish in your meal plan or anything about the fish, you can ask any advice directly to the seller and they will help you with smile :D.

So, back to the meal plan based on the fish, what I’m thinking for this time to cook with fish is to make fish n chip, it’s the easiest recipe that I made for the fish and that everyone will like it. Just based on flours, eggs, basic seasoning, and FRY!

Honestly, I’m not really like to frying because it will make all my kitchen full of oil (i know if you are cooking it’s normal if your kitchen also will be dirty but I try myself to minimize it) even I really like to eat the fried food.
but, since 3 years ago I already minimize my fried food quantity because of Healthy reason (kind of my Diet also!! Hoho).

Fish and Chip homemade recipe
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Fish and Chip Home made recipe
Prep. Time: 15 mins

Cooking time: 30 Mins

For 2 person

For the fish:
250 gr / 2 pcs big Fish fillet
5 tbsp Panko Bread crumbs   
3 eggs
5 tbsp Flour
Dried Thyme

For the potato wedge:
4 pcs big potato
5 tbsp flour
Dried oregano

For the sauce tartar:
2 tbsp mayonnaise
Cornichon or pickle
Lemon juice

Step by step 

For the fish:

  1. Prepare your fillet, you can cut it into small pieces as you want.
  2. Mix the flour, pepper, salt, dried thyme in one bowl.
  3. Prepare the eggs in the other bowl for egg wash.
  4. Prepare the breadcrumb in the other bowl
  5. Put the fillet into the mixing flour with the seasoning, and then put to the eggs bowl for egg wash and the last but not least put into the bread crumb and put again for egg wash and the final is put into the breadcrumb again.
  6. Repeat it all with all the fillet.
  7. Preheat your oil in your pan, once the oil is hot enough do the deep fry for all the fillet. Fry till the golden color.

For the potato wedge:

  1. prepare, clean and cut your potato.
  2. Boiling the water and put the potato for 10 mins. Let it cool down.
  3. Prepare the flour and mix it with salt, pepper, dried oregano.
  4. After the potato cools down put into the flour and mix it well.
  5. preheat oil into the pan, when oil is hot enough you can do the deep fry to your potato, fry till it a golden color and let it cool. ( you can use the same oil from frying your fish)

Tips :
1. When you are coating your fish, you should repeat the action to have egg wash and coating with breadcrumb twice times to make the fish fully coating.
2. You can use the zipper bag to replace the bowl of flour and breadcrumb, this action for saving time and make the fillet fully coating and less mess also. ( you can do for the wedge also)
3. When you want to fry, to prevent the jumping oils on you before you put your fish or potato to fry, make sure to put the salt into the hot oil before.

For the homemade sauce tartar:

  1. out 2 tbsp mayonnaise into a small bowl.
  2. Mince the cornichon or pickle and mince also a few chive.
  3. Mix well the pickle and chive into mayonnaise.
  4. The last is you can put a little bit the lemon juice and stir it well.

After all, is done, so time for serving, you can serve your fried fish and you potato wedge with the homemade sauce tartar and put a few slice of lemon and some lettuce for your plate decoration and it’s FINISH, ready to eat!!!

Fish and Chip homemade recipe

This meal is very easy to do and if you still have many leftovers of potato or fish that haven’t been fried, you can keep it in the freezer and it will be last at least a month or more and you can fry it anytime you want.

4 thoughts on “Fish and Chip Homemade Recipe

  1. I’ve been looking for a fried fish recipe – years ago my Aunty gave me a recipe with like mochiko batter or tempura batter but I haven’t been able to remember what exactly her recipe entailed.

    I’m going to try this out.

    I’d love to minimize the fried foods in my diet, but gosh they are just so good! haha

    • oh, no worry!!! fried food just once a week or a month, I think it’s okay for the diet. and it’s the Fish doesn’t give the bad Fat LOL, so it’s still OK for the diet :p

    • I always have Cod for this recipe, for salmon, I prefer to grill and add some Japanese sauce, that’s so good!! I haven’t tried yet to have salmon with this recipe, maybe it will be work also. I’ll try on it, hehe.

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