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Easy Cream Cheese Filling Pastry

Easy Cream Cheese Filling Pastry

Hi everyone, have you choose what will you do for this weekend? For me, usually, I choose to do baking. Actually, I really passionate about baking since a few years or the moment when I’ve got married and moved to France, since then I really like to search and try to do any simple pastry recipe that easy to follow and with the simple ingredient that I could find anywhere. So, a few days ago I found on my Instagram and I really want it to try it in my kitchen and I really interested with that and seems really easy.

This weekend I choose to make the simple pastry with the cream cheese filling, for killing my time during napping session of Baby K and her papa, so I took out all the ingredients for making this simple pastry, the ingredients are very easy to get (maybe the cream cheese cause of I don’t know what’s they called it in French and here, they have many kinds of type the cheese also). To do this recipe we need the pastry, of course we need the pastry dough to make this but I will not make it by myself because I never try to make it by myself (it will be my next challenge to make the pastry dough by myself),I will buy the industrial pastry so just need to bake it when you done with the filling.

For the topping, I used the fresh fruit not the canned fruit because it gave the different taste, I like more the fresh it’s more healthy and good for baby K, I choose the Cherry, my hubby and Baby K loved it very much and I bought it on the market with the good price.

cream cheese pastry
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And for the cream cheese, for the filling, like I said in the begin in France, it’s not easy to find the right cream cheese as stated on the recipe which is from the US, mostly. So for this cheese cream I try to find by the brand Philadelphia and as my experienced when I looked for that, this brands not really easy to find out also or something it was out of stock, but now I knew where I could find it in supermarket Carrefour and Franprix ( I never saw on Auchan neither Monoprix).

and I think about how I could change it if I don’t find kind of this brand so I’m tried to look the other type of cheese on Carrefour and I found Fromage tartiner or Cheese for spreading on the bread, it has the same texture with the cream cheese brands Philadelphia but a bit more thicker.

I have all the ingredients and time to make the filling 1st it’s easy just need to mixed it all the cream with the sugar and other additional ingredients and let it rest in the fridge till you need it, because if you let it in the room temperature it will be melting so better to put in the fridge to avoid it melting or become fluids. After need to preheat your oven and start to make a form for the pastry sheet. What you need just folding it no need origami skill for doing this because it’s really simple.

Then, after you finish preparing your pastry sheet, you take out your feeling from the fridge and put it on your pastries and give a sweet thing like the cherries on top your pastries and after all, put it in the oven, baked it and cooling out when it finishes. You can sprinkle the sugar powder on top your pastry and time to taste!!

cream cheese pastry
This post may contain the affiliate link, that’s mean each time you buy the product through that link I will get any little commission and it won’t give you any extra cost. thanks for supporting me 🙂

Tasting time!! For my baby K she didn’t like it the filling yet (she just not usual to taste the new thing, but she will like it soon!! I guarantee it :D) but she like the cherries and the pastry and my hubby said it was delicious just missed the taste on the pastry (yes, I forgot to sprinkle the sugar powder on it) but for the filling all are delicious!! Nyummm.

By the way, I will let the recipe for you who want to try it out in your kitchen and it will be a bit different for the measurement than the original recipe I found but so far the taste it good for me and my family so the measurement not really a big problem. So, hope you like it and if you already try it please let me know, and HAPPY TEA TIME!!

Cream Cheese Filling Pastry

Preparation time: 15 mins

Baking time: 20 mins



1 pcs rectangle puff pastry sheet

150 gr cheese cream PHILADELPHIA

1 sachet vanilla Sugar or ½ tbsp. Vanilla essence

20 gr Sugar

Fresh fruits (I’m using Cherries for fruit topping)


  1. Preheat oven at 200° C
  2. Make the mixture cheese cream with adding sugar and vanilla essence into cheese cream mix well and let it rest.
  3. Cut your pastry sheet to have some squares. For the 1st shape what you need is you put your pastry sheet on diamond position and you cut like an arrow shape (> / <) on each side up and down and let it a few inches and folding it up. The 2nd shape with the big rectangle, you do similar with the 1st but this time you don’t need to put on the diamond position but on the square positions and you cut a few inches each corner and pull it out the each corner and gathered it all in the middle point of the pastry sheet or you can see my pastry sheet picture after folding to give you the image of the shape.
  4. After you can fill it your pastry and put the fresh fruit on top the cheese cream filling.
  5. Then you can bake it at 200° C for 20 mins. After it let it cool for a while and enjoy it with your family and friends.


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