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Diabetes Gestational While You are Pregnant

Diabetes Gestational While You are Pregnant

Hi everyone in one of my post about my pregnancy story, I have told you all if I had positive gestational diabetes, maybe some of you still questioning about those things like “what is that gestational diabetes?” ,“is it same like diabetes for normal people?”, “Is it cause of overweight?”, or “Is it really dangerous?” and etc.

those are FAQ that I had each time I told that story to everybody especially to my families and friends in Indonesia because honestly, in Indonesia we never heard this kind of disease when we are in pregnant and in our mind if you had DIABETES it’s mean you are at high risk and what common people knew are this is hereditary disease or genetic problem. And what I felt when I knew I had this in my pregnancy journey that I think it was all ok without any trouble? Of course, I felt very DOWN, upset, I was stress and all emotion mix up all, I felt guilty because I ate too much the cakes.

And what I felt when I knew I had this in my pregnancy journey that I think it was all ok without any trouble? Of course, I felt very DOWN, upset, I was stress and all emotion mix up all, I felt guilty because I ate too much the cakes.

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Did you know about the cause of DIABETES for normal people? Yeah, it cause of high blood sugar level in the body and for the DIABETES GESTATIONAL have the same cause but it just happen for woman during the pregnancy because during the pregnancy the blood sugar level will increase because the changing hormone and the factor of races could be affected also like, the Asian and African women are high chance for having this during pregnancy. there is a bad news because it could give the bad effect for the baby and the mother if it’s not well treated, like a high risk for having an overweight baby and after the delivery, baby and mother could have the diabetes type 2 or high risk.

it could be detected with the urine test that done with fasting 8 hours on the 3rd trimester of pregnancy or even before the 3rd trimester all will be adjusted with conditions of the pregnancy, I had that test on 25th weeks of pregnancy and I choose to have the test in the early morning before breakfast. By the way, even it could be risky but I had a good news, it be will disappear after delivery or after the baby born so I can say for the healthy woman or the woman who never had been diabetes before this diabetes just for temporary but need to take it seriously also.

What should we do if we had GD?

The 1st things you will do after you have this result is BE CALM and visit your doctor, your doctor will send you to nutrition specialist and they will explain it all to you about that. For what the next step it will depend on your test result for my case which is the number of blood sugar was in the beginning of Diabetes Gestational , they gave me the DIET list, tell me what should I eat and not to eat during my last trimester of pregnancy, do the exercise and doctor gave me the prescription for buying Accu Chek Performa Kit for checking my blood sugar level at home and of course the other list that I should fill out each time I do my blood sugar check.

And it will be analyzed once a week and if your result being good they will analyze it once two weeks, and for the other case which is more higher than me, usually, they will use the insulin besides the diet and other things that I mentioned before.

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This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through such links, I will be awarded a small commission and no extra cost for you.

I’m Craving the sweet but I have GD, how to do?

Since I had Diabetes Gestational during my pregnancy I always dream to have eaten the éclair, meringue, strawberry cakes, all the fruits, ice cream, etc because before I had that I ate those things without any worriedness about my baby and myself. I always look for more information on the internet and what I found I try to apply it on my daily and of course I do what my doctor said for doing the healthy diet, drink more water and do some light exercise.

I’ve got a little conclusion for that I can get my blood sugar level stable I did mention if I’ve to dream to eat all fruits without any risks. Uhmm NO, in fact, there is such kind of fruits that contain high sugar level that called high Fructose or natural sugar like Banana, Mango, etc. oh damn!! That makes harder to choose the good food for health reasons, oh no worries actually you can eat them but what you do just do the limitation for eating that kind of fruits. Like I said before I will give you a few tips to make your last few weeks of your pregnancy moment going smoothly without any bad mood because of Diabetes Gestational,

  1. Be CALM and don’t PANIC, try to avoid any stress during treatment the Diabetes Gestational or even during your Pregnancy and think if You are not alone. Why? Because your blood sugar level will be increasing quickly when you have bad mood or stress.
  2. Limit to eat the Sweet or scheduling your sweet time. whatever, you still need sugar to your body so what we should do is just limit it not eliminate the sugar. Like example: I did the test on myself to get know my best time for consuming the sugary food till I found the best time for it. I choose the time for eating the sweet, for me is after the blood tests.
  3. HEALTHY DIET. Do what your doctor suggests to do like DIET, Even its hard but keep positive all the things are for you and your baby. And don’t worry about your pregnant weight if you are not gain enough weight during pregnancy with the reason worried if your baby will be born underweight. I told you if you gain 20 kg or more during your pregnancy it never guarantees your baby’s weight later. so, don’t afraid to have healthy diet even you are pregnant.
  4. Exercise. I do the light exercise for pregnancy like a YOGA on youtube I suggest you ask and check it with your doctor 1st before you do any exercise. and you can start as early as your beginning of pregnancy.
  5. BE HAPPY !!! this condition may be the sad condition that can happen in your pregnancy but it doesn’t mean the worse thing and then it put you in the blue all the time. So Be happy because it will disappear as soon as you have POP OUT 😀

I had the bad and good moment, even it’s really hard and very stressing for me cause of the new things that I found here in France and never had that in my home country Indonesia. But I did it, honestly, it gives me many positive things and opens my mind to understand about ” YOU EAT FOR 2″. or your pregnant weight will affecting your baby weight later.

In fact, it’s wrong, what ever in pregnancy not the Quantity but Quality of what you’ve eaten. So don’t worry too much about to do any diet during the pregnancy, because of the healthy diet I had before I didn’t gain too much just 5 kg but my baby weight was not underweight when she was born. I Thanks for this conditions I have many positive and learn more about Pregnancy and also it will remind me all the time for the future.

Disclaimer: this post contains my self-experience and I’m not the health specialty so, if you want to try some of my tips here, I suggest you for consulting before to your doctor as it may give the different result for anybody.

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  1. Good info! I had it with my last baby and it was terrible. I had to use insulin 3 times a day and it wasn’t really working. I got through it though and have a beautiful baby girl.

    • Hi becky, really you need to have 3 times a day?honestly, it was my bad moment also as my doctor warn me if i didn’t follow them i should be taken some insulin also, and i was afraid of that ( i’ve kind of phobia by the injections needle LOL), to check ur blood sugar after and before meal it’s enough for me and not sweet food it really made me suffer that time. but all is for our baby so need to do the best. you are a tough mommy!!!

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