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D.I.Y simple headband

D.I.Y simple headband

One day, I had to look back my Pinterest’s board to get any inspiration for my baby and I found an easy headband to do. And I had a will to make one for her as it’s easy and I already have all the supplies for making one.

So for the supplies you need are SCRAP or a few fabric usually 50 cm long of fabric is enough for making one or more depends on size. As per instruction, it used the kind of knit fabric but for me, I just use type cotton (just only that I have that time).

The sewing kits (Needles or sewing machine, Thread, Scissor, etc.) also needed here, and also for the pattern (FREE PATTERN).

And now, how to do? It’s the 1st easy headband that I ever made by hand sewing. So 1st, you need to get your FREE Pattern 1st, download it and print it. After that you can trace the pattern on your fabric, you should cut into 2 pieces and folded the fabric when you trace it and after, cut it.

After that, you need to gather 2 pieces of fabric on the wrong side and sew it around the edge using ¼” seam and leaving it 1” opening.

When you are finished sewing, turn your fabric into the right side by the 1” opening that we didn’t sew before, then, we do the slip stitch on it, and the headband is FINISH.



This tutorial for this headband is very easy to do even for the beginner and you can do for everyone also. I already have done a few for my baby and for me also. I just need to adjust the length of the headband for me.


And I could say this headband also “ECO” because I could use my scrap or recycle it also so don’t need to waste any things as it didn’t need many fabrics 😀 and this headband also could be a good idea for new born Gift or any occasion for a little baby.

Tips: if you want to make the headband for the baby, I suggest you use fabric type knit because it’s soft and stretchy very good for a baby type.

For finishing this headband it didn’t spend much time just only 15 minutes or under 30 minutes (for hand sewing maybe it could need a bit more time depends on your speed to sew by hand). It’s very quick for a cute headband 😉 so what you wait for mom?? You can try it soon ASAP if you don’t have baby girl don’t worry, you can make it for yourself 😀

HAPPY CRAFTING MOM!! And see you in the next post.


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