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D.I.Y Easy Skirt for baby

D.I.Y Easy Skirt for baby

My mood to sewing was coming again when my baby was 3 months old, and as a MOM who has a little cute baby girl, I always have many ideas to make something cute to put on her. And that time was to make a little skirt for her (I really want to see her on it, because of she always with her bodies all the time or kind of shirt & pants for fashion style so she looks like a boy than a girl LOL).

people around me include my hubby always ask me why I should make my own if I could buy one in the shop or order it by online but I said them if I would like my baby has the unique skirt ever, or just only her who had it and because I have passion also in sewing so why not to sew it by yourself :).

So, to make her a little skirt it has been a long idea that saved on my HEAD and on my Pinterest also, LOL. that’s why I don’t want to make it expire wastefully on my head, I decided to make that.

I check out again for refreshing my mind to get the instructions how to sew it and if its possible for me to do and etc. many consideration I had (I’m kind of perfection type, I guess :p) it’s normal because I will do this project without my sewing partner (read: Sewing Machine). So I really picky and need to have a good choice of the type of skirt I want to make for my little baby.

After all, I decided to make the type more simple, that’s easier to do by hand sewing (my machine hasn’t arrived yet that time, so need to do manually). So I choose simple skirt idea that I found it on my Pinterest.

This skirt is cute and easy to do, and for sure it won’t spend you many meters or yards of fabric to make one for baby size. And this skirt could be for everyone from baby to your size also just need to adjust with the measurement.

For me, personally, I need around 1 or 2 hours to finish because like I said I use the manual way or hand sewing. If you using the machine I think it’ll be under 30 mins to finish it all.


EASY SKIRT ( for baby 3 months)

Supplies you need:

  • 50 cm x 50 cm Cotton Fabric
  • Scissor
  • ironing
  • Hand sewing Needle or sewing machine
  • Thread, any colors
  • 1” Elastic band for 30 cm long or you can adjust it with your waist measure.
  • pin

Step by step :

  1. Cut your fabric on rectangle shape by 50 cm x 30 cm including the seam 1,5 cm.
  2. Gather it together with your right and left’s side of the fabric and sew it with the straight stitch and don’t forget to seam it.
  3. And for the bottom, you can fold it 1,5 cm and sew it with the straight stitch also for seaming.
  4. Fold the upper side of the fabric around 3,5 cm, Sew it and don’t forget to leave around 2,5 cm to not sew it (it will be for inserting the elastic).
  5. Insert the elastic on the upper side of the fabric, tips: you can use a pin to make the elastic going through easily with any mess and save the time. then, gather it the elastic from 2 sides and sew it.
  6. After all, sew it with the blind stitches to close the upper side that hadn’t been sewing before for elastic and your little cute SKIRT is Finish and ready to wear :).

for the 1st try to sew without the machine, this skirt is cool enough to wear my baby. Even it’s long (the reason my limitation of equipment) but in fact, it’s really quick and under 30 minutes. This one is really suitable for the beginner sewer. and just for your info, you can use this technic also to make the skirt for you.

So, what do you think moms? Is it easy?? YESSS!! You want to try it out?! 😎 YESSS

Happy Crafting MOMs ❤

P.S: if you have tried it out please comment and share 😉 Thank you and see you next time moms!!

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