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The Amigurumi is not Hard!!

Are you the fan of Amigurumi? had you tried to make one? for me, I really love this art craft, and I dream to make one for my K, and now my dream comes true and I MADE IT!! even it’s not easy at the beginning but it’s quite addictive. Hi everyone, before I would … Read moreThe Amigurumi is not Hard!!

My 1st knitting project – basic pull for 2 years old

Hello, Halo, Hola, Bonjour tout le monde!! Any moms here who follow me on Instagram?? if there, I think you know if I was busy for these weeks with my new activity “Knitting” for celebrating welcoming the autumn, hahaha. Seem the autumn coming so early today as I felt cold easily, raining almost every day and … Read moreMy 1st knitting project – basic pull for 2 years old

3 Easy Handsewing Projects

Have you ever interesting for sewing some things for your little baby or your home or even just for giving you any pleasure after you saw many cute things to sew on Pinterest but you don’t have any sewing machine or even you never do any sewing?? I have been in that situation, I, you … Read more3 Easy Handsewing Projects

Baby Shoes Mary Jane – D.I.Y

When I had a baby, almost all aspects of my life was changing, from the things that I always targeted to buy, my lifestyle is different, and the most different is MINDSET, before I had baby, when I look something good or nice, I will ask myself for this frequent questions before I decide to … Read moreBaby Shoes Mary Jane – D.I.Y

2# Summer Project: Crib’s Skirt Easy Tutorial

Have you ever had the sudden idea or plan because of something? Did you directly do what you planned? is it really give you any success or not? for me, yes I often to plan something or have any idea suddenly but it always disappears before I make it real because I am a “Forgetful … Read more2# Summer Project: Crib’s Skirt Easy Tutorial

1# Summer Sewing Project: Simple Summer dress

Sunday morning, usually people choose to wake up late in the morning but not with me, I always wake up more early than everyone at home on Sunday with some reasons. One, since I do blog so I always spend my Sunday morning to pour it all my ideas into my new post and prepare … Read more1# Summer Sewing Project: Simple Summer dress