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Banana Ice Cream Cake Recipe

Banana Ice Cream Cake Recipe

It was a few weeks ago, I did the new experiment in my kitchen, and this time I work on Banana, if you still remember if I ever post the recipe dessert with the peach last time (I really love to work with Fruits as I love eating the Fruit and it’s healthy), if you haven’t read it yet, you can read here. For the same reason like my last recipe with fruit, to try to save it from the trash bin and wasting food. So this time I’m rescuing my Banana. Everybody at home really likes to eat banana especially Little K, but I forgot if we still have that till I’m looking for something and I saw we still have bananas.

HOP!! I have an idea for making some treats for my Little K based on this fruit. For realizing my ide, I cut my banana into small pieces and I put it into a freezer to avoid the color black on the banana.I’ve kept there for a few days till I have all the ingredients I need to experiment with my Idea, and as the birthday of my hubby in a few days.

So I decide it uses the banana for his birthday cake. It’s too common for baking a birthday cake, and I think a bit out of the box and choose to make Banana Ice Cream Cake.

Why did I choose to make an ice cream? Because the ingredients are really easy, with minimum tools and a few ingredient that easy to find and because it’s kind of healthy cake as we made it by ourselves so the sugar level it will be adjusted.

Honestly, I use all the things that I have for making this Banana Ice Cream cake. And it’s my 1st time to making this.For the taste, my hubby and little K who are being my food tester, they already verifying that the taste is delicious and my little K seems really loves it and ask for more.

Banana Ice cream
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For 4-6 persons
Prepare time: 15 mins
cooling time: 3-5 hours.


12 pieces Biscuit petite collier or any biscuits
2-3 frozen banana cut into small pieces
1 Fresh Banana for decoration
20 cl whipping cream
10 cl milk
20 gr butter
15 gr sugar

Tools :
Blender/food processor
cake mold
baking sheet or parchment sheet


  1. Prepare the mold, put the baking sheet on the mold
  2. Divide between biscuit with the chocolate.
  3. break the biscuit, mix with the melting butter.
  4. Put on the cake mold make it smooth and let it rest in the freezer for a few hours.
  5. blend the frozen banana with heavy cream and milk and sugar until smooth.
  6. Once, your frozen biscuit is ready, put the mixture banana on it and freeze it again for a few hours.
  7. while waiting for that, melt the chocolate by bain marie and add a few melted butter.
  8. and prepare some whipping cream and slicing the banana fresh for decoration.
  9. when the banana ice cream is frozen put the melted chocolate on top the ice cream. The chocolate will be cold as soon as possible to spread it all around on top the ice cream quickly.
  10. do your decoration on top the chocolate gives some whipped cream on the border and banana sliced and do like the photo. And now it isΒ FINISH and ready to serve and to enjoy.

so, that is the easy recipe dessert based on Banana, actually, it’s not long for preparing, it just spends more time for making it frozen.This dessert is really healthy and very ideal for the kids, as eating too much ice cream from supermarket or restaurant, it’s better to make it on our own, we could adjust the sugar level, it’s cheaper etc.

Banana Ice cream

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    • hi Kessy, uhmm… maybe it’s more like graham crackers, the kind of biscuit or cookies for the base on cheesecake. btw thanks for telling me that, I haven’t no Idea what i should write on it as in French we called it like a biscuit hihihi πŸ˜€

  1. OMG this looks amazing!!! And sounds really simple to make, which I really appreciate. I’m going to make this tonight since it’s Sweetest Day! Thanks so much for sharing

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