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9 Things That I Learn as a MOM

9 Things That I Learn as a MOM

Hey, everyone!! What’s up? Is there anyone who just being mom recently?? If so, congrats momma!! I really know well how it felt when you are being a MOM for the 1st time. It’s soooo amaziinng!! and also made you nervous.

As we wait for 9 months or a little bit more for meeting our cute baby and feel curious about how is he/she looks like? Etc. But we never think exactly how’s challenging your day after you are officially being a MOM.

Being MOM isn’t bad or hard.pfftt, sorry I’m lying!! being MOM is the hardest job that I’ve ever had, but it’s so interesting also as each day is the new day with the new things await you. Being mom is kind of something that you can describe it just with one word.

So, when the first time I’m being a MOM, especially when I watch my baby grown each day. I finally realize some things that happen to me since the baby’s born.

Being a mom for me is kind of multi-jobs, when you are a mom you can be almost everyone like, the accountant, the housekeeper, the teacher, the designer, the marketing, the planner, the secretary, the chef and etc.Sounds hard but I like it, it really challenging for me and makes me be the IMPORTANT person or the BUSIEST person and STRONG woman.

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A being mom also gives me something to learn. So here 9 things I learned when I become a MOM:

1.Be more EDUCATED

more educated? Yes, I feel I’m being more Educate as I always learn something new from day by day. and the education already starts before the baby coming out. as we did so many research for the pregnancy etc. and the process of educate will continue and continue without any end.

when your baby reaches the phase to learn something so automatically you will with them at the same time.And when the time your baby already in school time, an example in preschool, primary, junior, etc, you should be prepared your self to be asking your kids for something that they don’t understand at school or something that they found in their life beside the school things.

So that’s why being a mom, make me learn to be more educated. I didn’t say we should be ” I KNOW EVERYTHING” but at least you can give extra info for you kids that something they couldn’t find it anywhere.That’s why you will hear if the best teacher is your MOM. As you will learn many things from her, like in example me myself, I learned many things from my mom about life, about her experience that I couldn’t found it at school.

And the cause of that also, I’m motivated to do the same and I think it’s naturally also if we as a MOM to do that.

2.Be more PATIENCE

I really learn how to be more patient while I’m a mom. Honestly, I have a patience before but my patience level is not high like now. Being a mom, PATIENCE is kind of the first element that you will find it soon. As you need to wake up at the night that made you lack of sleep and lead you to be more emotional and you need to take care of your baby.

When your baby starts to eat by herself, and you are the type of hygienic person so your patience will be tested to let your baby in dirty mode and you need to clean it each time you feel it needed. While your baby turn to toddler and everyone know how is the toddler generally, what they did etc. And all need the patience. Β Now I’m in this phase as my baby is no more baby but a toddler.

Each time you will found something that needs more of your patience. And for the future will be other patience level is required.


This one is really interesting, even before I’m kind of person who really organizes but just only in workspace not really in my daily life.But since Baby is here and no one can help me to take care the baby while I need to clean the house, prepare myself and the baby for some appointment, do food shopping, and etc. Honestly, I’ve thought why I don’t have some hands for doing it all.

This situation pushes me to learn more about organizing and my organizing skill is increasing automatically. So how I do with my organization? I simply do think what I should do tomorrow, how long I could finish all the task and for sure do some priority for all the task.

And sometimes I write it down all in my Evernote apps or my planner. That’s why planner is a best friend for mommy also.πŸ˜€

4.Be more CAREFUL of health

Be careful is the thing that I do not really take it seriously before. Especially be careful with UNHEALTHY food!!

I could be said if I could eat anything without thinking the risk for my health, I didn’t do any exercises as I’m ignoring about my body shape also that usually, all women want to have a good shape but me, I have that will just right after I have a baby. Such weird, no??!!

And since I’m being a mom, I feel like I want to give the best for my baby and I would like to have a healthy baby and it’s a good start for my family.

So being a mom really teach me to be more careful about anything that I ignored before and try to do the best for the healthiness of my family especially my baby.

5.Be wiser

Being mom is not an easy job and not a hard job too ( it depends on your point of view). And I have learned 2 things (actually more than 2 but I just remember 2 for this time πŸ˜€ ) about wise since I’m a mom.

1.Wise to spend time
Being a mom, it teaches me how I could be wiser to spend my time. As I need to divide fairly my time into some pieces like time for my baby, cleaning the house, spending time with my partner and spending time for myself (blogging,self-care, etc).

In fact, it’s not really easy to divide your time into some pieces but Thanks for your status being a mom, naturally, you could do it easily.

2.Wise to spend money
Being a mom you are an accountant at home, am I right? Hihi, Β I think you will agree with me. As we are the one (or maybe not the one) who the most often to manage our financial thing.
We do some shopping plan, meal plan and etc. So for doing it all we really need to respect with the budget we had. And since being a mom, I have this kind of wise, I’m more carefully to see the price list, to make a list of shopping before buying etc.

6.Be more CREATIVE

I feel more creative after baby, how? Because I have many wills to have this and that but always been limited as it will cost us more. And as everybody knows to have a baby isn’t cheap at all. There is many baby’s need which cost us as the parents like for daily to have diapers, food, clothes, some accessories, etc. those all pushing me to think be more creative with making them by my own way.

For example, for baby’s food, I did often by myself and give some of the industrial baby food for sometimes as my mood to make something is up and down. the clothes or the shoes for baby, I try to sew it by myself as I like the originality and sewing. and some creativity here not stop just for my baby needs and even I do for myself.

After baby, I thought to cut my hair as it will be easier when you taking care the newborn with short hair, and as I don’t want to let my baby alone (and cause of no one could help me to take care of her) so I decided to cut my hair by myself with the youtube. LOL

Surely, some of the things that I mention above are the things that I ever think about and done it before. That’s why I think being Mom teach me to be more creative.☺

7. Be more ACTIVE

Be active after have a baby is really really true, as we had a new responsibility and new activity to be done. When your baby still newborn, your activeness will not too much increase as you just giving birth and need some rest.

But when your baby becomes the toddler, your activeness will be increasing too quickly, at this phase your toddler know how to walk or even run and your toddler also knowing how to escape from you.

Here, we need to be active physically a.k.a run as fas as you can to reach your toddler, honestly RUN is not my favorite sport at all, I hate it so much. But, I don’t have a choice for avoiding that.
And once you are mom your day will be full of activities until you think “oh damn!!, I need a few minutes without doing anything“. The activity will start from the morning until the night when your sleep time, and even like that it always has some task that you haven’t finish it.

8. Be more OPEN MINDED

Since I’m a mom and living abroad, I’m more open-minded about how to raise my baby. As my baby has the parents with 2 different cultures, so I need to adopt some ways of parenting that suitable with my culture and my hubby’s culture.

Before, my mom just told me about how to raise kids from her point of view that I think it’s really old-ish, and I’m comparing with the way how the French culture about raising kids.
Of course, there are much different and most of them are inverse. But with being more open-minded, I decided to mix the 2 cultures become the new culture that just only for my little family.


Honestly, I’m not an angel so, I also have the bad character like everyone. and my worse character is I’m kind of high temper person and a sensitive person at the same time. Β if I couldn’t hold my anger, I will shout at that time and/or I will cry easily.

and of course, everybody has the bad habit (like cursing or said the bad words) so do I, andΒ those things aren’t a good thing for the kids as without we knew it, it could build the character or the habit of the kids.

Before I never realize if what I’m doing is bad, uhm, I know it’s bad but not really think it’s important And since I’m a mom, I could really see clearly when my toddler start to talk and repeating all my word including when I said the bad word and it really hurt me and slap me at the time as I already give the bad example.

So, my status as a mom really teach me more about self-control and give me a view about “your kids is your mirror” and as I want my kid being a good kid so I learn so much for the self-control.

Pfiouuh, Those are 9 things that I learn as a MOM, maybe each mom had the different thing that been learned besides what I mention. And whatever being MOM is hard but you will find something that makes you special and I really love to be a MOM, it always gives new challenge and many new things to learn.

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22 thoughts on “9 Things That I Learn as a MOM

  1. Very well written Sella. Kids these days will follow our example and not our advice, so we need to control our self in our actions and words. All moms are Super Moms as they can do anything for their kids

  2. What is the highest career path for a woman? Yes, it’s being a MOM. Taking care of the kids and husband requires a full apprehension of management, organization, leadership, and multitask too… Salam dari Indonesia, Sella πŸ™‚

  3. You are so right on all of this, Sella. I used to say that the summer I spent as a camp counselor was my own personal Peace Corps (their slogan used to be “the toughest job you’ll ever love”); then I became a mama, and that makes my summer as a camp counselor pale in comparison. THIS is my new Peace Corps – and it is SO hard at times, but I love it!

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