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9 attractions For toddler in Disney Land

9 attractions For toddler in Disney Land

😊 A few weeks ago I and my hubby decided to bring my baby girl to the Disneyland to celebrate her late 2nd Birthday (because on her birthday the weather was not really good for exploring Disneyland so we choose this day for that). I and my hubby had been plan this in January (6 months earlier) but one month before the friend of my hubby offer us to celebrate baby K’s birthday together with her because they date of birth just different one day and she really considering my Baby as her niece also but it’s still clear yet and the other day my hubby said “how about if we celebrate baby K’s Birthday on the park we had little picnic, I will invite the little girl of my friend ? “ and I agree of that.

But, the 1st plan to go to Disneyland still on head and my hubby start to looking their site to see if there is a promotional price for the ticket and also for the attractions which is friendly for baby K, then he said me if there is a promotional price but still pricey also for me 😛 even baby K is free because under 3 years old, so we just need to buy the ticket for 2 of us. We’ve check all the attractions and other things until we really decide to buy the ticket and curious for baby’s K reaction when she seeing the princessMickeymouse etc.

The morning, we woke up around 7.30 am (A bit early for baby K but she was excited) and try to getting ready and go out from house around 8.30, we took a bus for having the RER station (train station for going the place outside Paris ) and we arrive there around 10 am and the Disneyland just open on that time, pfiouuhh the adventure on Disneyland is begin.


We started from exploring the Discovering land (there are 5 Lands that you can explore it all ) as we planned before for starting the attraction and we finish it with attraction in fantasy land, we couldn’t do all the attractions there because of the waiting time but not bad also, we could have around 9 attractions, 2 spectacles, and 3 places just for seeing. At the time we arrive, Baby K really excited and she said “maman, ikey mous!! Ikey mous!!(read: maman, mickey mouse, mickey mouse), but when the 1st time waiting for having the attractions she starting to be tired (cause of she woke up early) and when our turns she starts to understand what’s kind of attraction is that.


Here the list of Attractions that we had on that day (2 years old kid-friendly):

  • Autopia (Waiting Time: 20 mins) Recommended

This attraction is the attraction that allowed kids who 1.2 m taller to drive their 50’s car on their route, it’s very easy to drive with, there are one pedal for Gas and one pedal for Break so it really looks like the real car generally, usually one car just for 2 persons but if you are family of 3 with small child, 3 of you could have all in the same car but it’s a bit small for 3 persons. This attraction really interesting and Baby K enjoyed even and the beginning she felt tired. Location in Discovery Land.

  • Les Mystères du Nautilus (5 mins)

This one is kind of museum under the sea or in the submarine, inside a bit dark and for baby K is kind of creepy, the decorations are good really have feeling if you are in submarine and there is one part that you can see the big octopus from the big window (of course, it’s not the real octopus so don’t worry);? baby K doesn’t like it.

  • Disneyland Paris Railroad (around 20-25 mins depend on each station)

This is a train for exploring 5 Lands in Disney for a quick view, the trains really look like the old train with the smoke, and we can take this train from the stations in each Land of Disney Park. On the way to the next station they give you the view of nature or more like the forest for me and there are 2 times they passing the tunnels one it shows the wild animals with the real sounds (it’s not the real one, so it’s safe unfortunately it scared baby K) and the other just the normal tunnel. This train is nice to take if you need to go to other Land quickly when you felt tired to walk.

  • Dumbo the flying elephant (45 mins)

The attraction for everyone, it’s a Dumbo the elephant flying and your seat on it and you can make it up and down during it flying around, the kids really love it, even baby K want to have it twice. Inside you can seat 2 person adult or 3 persons with small children like Baby K. the view from up the Dumbo was really nice, you can see almost all the park from up there.

  • Les Voyages de Pinocchio (20 mins)

The attraction is a little train that brings us to the dark place and give it the story about the Pinocchio, I felt it really slow, dark. And not really recommended for the kids who afraid of the dark, Baby K not really enjoy it because she fell asleep while we waited for the line so she didn’t know how it was because she still sleep inside but I’m sure if she will not like it.

  • Les Pays de Contes de Fées (20 mins) Recommended

This attraction is really friendly for the kids even the small kids below 2 years, it’s kind of trip with everybody are seated in a boat (capacity of the boat is for 6 to 10 persons if I well remember) and during the trip there are kind of 5 or more fairy tales had been displays. For baby K, she likes it a bit confused but she enjoys it.

  • It’s a small world (25 mins) Very Recommended

This attraction is the same Principe like the Les Pays de Contes de Fées, the boat trip with the much adorable display from many countries, very colorful with accompany of children song, the different with Les Pays de Contes de Fées, the boat trip in its small world is indoor and full of air- conditioner. So, this one is a good choice for the summer and sunny dayJ. Located in Fantasy Land just next to Princess Pavilion.

  • Casey Jr. Le petit train de cirque (15 mins) Very Recommended

This attraction looks like the roller coaster but version small or special for the kids not extreme enough for the adult but quite good to enjoy, the trains have a design like a circus cart which is there some of the carts are designed like a cage.

This attractions really pleased baby K so much, we had 3 times to enjoy this ride ( 1 times in the morning and 2 times at the last moment when the attractions will be finish, The last 2nd times Baby K and her papa didn’t need to wait in line and just change the place, kind of advantage of last moment before it closed) located in Fantasy Land just next to Les Pays de Contes de Fées.

  • La Cabane des Robinsons

This one is kind of visit the tree house of Robinson it’s located in Adventure Land. There are many stairs (of course it’s a tree house) and quite high enough for the tree house, they had the good display for the kitchen, the room and another part of the house. Baby K really loves the stairs so she had fun in that tree house. For kids under 3 years, it’s better to be careful when the crowded moment.

  • Adventure Isle

This one also kind of visit there is a few part of this adventure isle and one of it, there is a tunnel to go to the other side (I forgot the name of the tunnel), it’s dark or lack of the light event there are many dim lights and a bit like labyrinth so you need to take care when you go through it. Personally, not really suitable for the baby who afraid of the darkness, baby K didn’t like it when we passed it through. Located in Adventure Land.

  • Le Carrousel de Lancelot (15 min)

The classic attraction that always gives any pleasure for the kids, the Big Marries Go Round with many beautiful horses and its go round and round hehe:D, it’s kind of favourite things for Baby K, she really loved it and would like to have it many times but we just allowed her once because we still have some attractions to do before it closed. Located in Fantasy Land

  • Parade de Disney is “A MUST TO SEE”

The Tradition for everybody who visit The Disneyland is waiting and watching the Parade de Disney, it’s start at 5.30 pm, this time the theme of parade are Princesses (Frozen, Rapunzel, Princess with the Frog, Snow White, Aurore, Cinderella etc.), Finding Nemo, Pirate the Caribbean, Marry Poppins , Jungle Books , and many others. Baby K really loved it when there’s the Princesses and the Nemo. Located in the Main Street USA.

  • Princess’s Story

This one is the spectacle special for Princesses Fan, it’s kind of storytelling and a little magic, dance and sing a song. This spectacle has 2 languages at the same time in English and French. It started 6.45 pm (so, you can just go to have your seat after the parade). Located in Princess’s theater just next to the Big Castle. Baby K seems just interesting with the dancing and the song of it.

  • Le Château de La Belle Au Bois Dormant / The Castle of sleeping beauty

The castle of Princess Aurora or the Sleeping Beauty, you can visit this castle in the 2nd level because in the downstairs is there are some shops for buying any kind souvenirs. So for this visit, it’s just a simple visit that gave you the short story of the sleeping beauty and there is a balcony that you can visit after to see the view of all the park.










The attraction that really wants to have but couldn’t have it at that day:

  • Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing (Boat Cruise), we couldn’t have this because it closed at 8 pm, we were late for that.
  • Peter Pan. There is a technical problem when we would like to ride it, and then after the technical problem solved it need 55 mins to wait for a ride.
  • Meet Mickey. The same reason, it’s too long for wait it was 50 mins. And we are not sure if Baby K will like it because she just to love for looking from far than looking from near.
  • Princess Pavilion. Once again because of the time waiting was very long it was 90 mins. We need to use our time wisely to explore all.
  • The Chaparral Theatre –special theater about kind of jungle We had been missed the last session of this theater because the time had been crashed with the parade’s Disney time, need to choose and we choose to see the parade at the end.

During our exploration in Disney Park, we saw a bit the characters of Disney for a photo session but it’s always crowded or long wait so we decide to not put that on our priority list. But we had Photo Session just only with Rowdy the Cowboy from Toy Story (finally) and wait for around 30 mins maybe more and that time, it’s not pleased Baby K, she afraid with that.



Tired to explore and need a little break for the feet and the tummy, we decide to have the lunch at the restaurant Au Chalet De La Marionnette, there is spacious but a bit dark inside, the foods were excellent. we took 3 menus, 1 menu hotdog+ salad fresh +drink, 1 menu bagel + Fries + Dessert +drink and 1 child hotdog+ fries +drink+ dessert and all cost us 35 euro (quite expensive for 3 persons but it’s standard price for Disneyland).

For the Souvenir, we almost buy nothing there for the souvenir, the souvenirs on there kind of pricey for us like for the Princess’s Dress it cost around 30 – 80 euro and for the mickey’s headband it cost 13 euro. Buy nothing there don’t mean we really have nothing to bring back home for the souvenirs, there is a machine that when we put coin 2 euro it will give you back 1 gold coin of Mickey Mouse, so we had that for our souvenir.😁


So, for almost 12 hours we had to explore this place, we found this place is really great for any ages even we had doubt (afraid if baby K couldn’t play or enjoy any attractions there), this place really designed for everybody, they provide also some facility like the wheelchair and stroller for the small kids and also there is a changing room for baby but for me they don’t have enough place for changing the baby, just one in the main street USA location just near the entry.

For the map of the park, it’s really simple and quite short for the information, for us it’s not easy to find the restaurant from your map. By the way, we missed the firework because it’s really too late in summer they had this spectacle a bit late than usual, even it’s great to explore all the park during summer but during another season also great because you will not miss the firework 😀 but that day really a wonderful day and happy day for Baby K to celebrate her late birthday 😊

P.S: the price we’ve got for the ticket is € 56/ person for 1 day and 1 park (promotion price), baby under 3 years old is FREE. To go there by Train from Paris you can take RER A direction Marne Le ValleyChessy.

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