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8 facts of Paris that you will find it out

Facts of Paris

You have planning to visit Paris one day?, So before you visit here maybe you can read my post about a few fact of Paris which some of them will surprise you like what I had before when I visit this city for the 1st time, “really”?? yeah that’s true I knew maybe some of you already imagine if PARIS is the romantic city, beautiful city, etc. it’s not fully wrong about what you imagine about this city but you should know also if every place is same they had point negative and positive (that’s my personal idea). So, now I would like to share it with you all and all that I write here based on my observation from the 1st time I visit here and till I decide to live here for almost 3 years now, here you go.

  1. There is many homeless people, refugees, and pickpocket.
    I think for this facts almost everybody ever heard that if Paris isn’t really safe for Pickpocket, but for the homeless and refugees you can really saw it when you visit here, you will found there easily on inside or outside of Metro station, in front of shops, in the streets and sometimes they are inside of metro and will ask for money, food, cigarettes, ticket restaurant or anything else for continuing their life.
    Many ways for them to get what they want, from writing on the board to said if they are hungry and haven’t eaten for a few days, sits with baby or infant, and if they are still young they will asking inside the metro with telling their life stories and asking for pity from everyone. And for the pickpocket usually they can be anyone and usually they will be in tourist place so be careful with that and many cases it happened inside the metro that’s why always have warned in each metro about take care with pickpocket.
  1. Many little vintage passages.
    Paris is known also as the vintage place, that’s why there are such of vintage passage in Paris, they let it like that and the passage still open for public and every passage always have an interesting history behind, usually this passage located in OPERA district, you can find the antique shop till restaurant on their passage. For everyone who likes the vintage things you will adore it like me, even I already visit those places for many times but those passages always beautiful, original and amazing, J’adore tellement😍.
  1. You can have your METRO or TRAM “FREE” with easy step.
    When you hear or read about “FREE” you will be asking like “Really, I can take METRO freely? But, how??” the answer is yes. it’s easy but I never recommend it, the ways are you just need to jump on the gate for validating your metro‘s ticket or you can be just behind the person and when they go in after validating their ticket you just need to push them a bit et voila, you already in or you can wait for the people from another side to go out from the exit door and you can hold a bit the door and you’re in but this way not really often to see people use it, usually they prefer to JUMP on the validate gate for easier and save the time and also save money for buying the ticket.
    Actually, these actions are illegal so never try on it!! And for me it’s kind of aggressive actions because I have one or two experience about being the victim of that, I mean one day I need to validate my metro ticket and there one young man behind me for that time I didn’t think a lot about that person but slowly he got closer and when I’m finished validating and he directly push me a bit hard (because he is a man and more strong than me) and I really felt bad after.
  1. Easy to find Street artist during SUMMER almost in everywhere.
    When you travel or visit Paris in summer (that’s my favourite season by the way ) you are coming at the right time, because you will find many street performances by street artist almost in every place but like other places you will find more in touristic place also, even you will find also inside the metro. Honestly, I never saw that in any place before and for me it is always fun to see any street performance during summer, oh yeah I almost forget you can also enjoy the music’s day here during summer.
  1. They love their language.
    Talking about the language, who do not love with their own language? but for them, they really love their language a lot and personally, I think it’s kind of actions to keep all their culture and kind of their identity. Their language is really famous and known as a romantic language, seems everybody really interesting with this language.
    So, in here to speak French kind of a MUST because not many local people here would like to speak English with you because they don’t know English or they understand English but they don’t want to use it. It happens also in the touristic place, not all people who are working in touristic place can speak English, so one tip before you come here, you can learn the basic French and it will give you a little bit more easy to communicate in case you are lost and of course French people will be more appreciate you when they know you can speak their language even it just the basic.
  1. Metros in Paris are Oldies and Parisian love stairs.
    Talking about this public transportation in France especially in Paris, this kind of public transport which many people use it more often even many tourists also choose metro to visit some touristic place, so know we talking about the appearance of Metro in Paris, I can say around 80 % its old and dirty and the rest they already change into the more new and clean.
    My hubby ever asked me about what I think about that and I give an answer “its vintage and original even it’s dirty but it’s oldies that’s an art” haha, but really that was I thought about that at the time. In their metro stations we will found many stairs before we arrive in the Quay that’s why I called Parisian really love the stairs and what make me surprise when the 1st time I discover it is there is no LIFT almost in every station just in Big stations metro you will find that service and for the person handicap they can’t get the metro like others but they will take the bus more often and for the mom or parents with the baby stroller also not really efficient to visit some place with the stroller without the lift service.
  1.  Toilet oh Toilet !! Where are you?  
    You are in the middle of way for visiting many places and you have will to go to toilet, I can say it’s a bit challenging to find public toilet near you in here, because here is very RARE even there is a public toilet in the park but often it will not please you because it’s dirty and need to paid, “so where I can find any toilet?” actually there are many options for the toilet, you can find shopping place near you (some are free and mostly need to pay 0.50 cent or it’s free when you have the member card and for the cleanliness it’s very good), the fast food restaurant usually you need to order something to get the free access toilet, Public toilet in the park its totally free but not really clean, and the last one is you can entering the bar or restaurant and ask nicely if you can use their toilet or not and usually it’s free to use.
  2. Operating time for Shopping Mall, the shops, supermarket, Pharmacy and Restaurant in Paris.
    Operating hours for shopping mall, supermarket, shops, pharmacy, the bakery in Paris usually from 9 am to around 8 – 9 pm on Monday to Saturday, they will be closed on Sunday and for the 1st May but now some of them stay open Sunday,( for the bakery if they have open on Sunday so they will be closed on Monday or any day on the weekday) and for the restaurant (except the fast food).in France, they have 2 services in the day which is the 1st shift in the morning from 8 am to 1 pm and the 2nd shift or evening service it will be from 6 or 7 pm to 10 pm or more late and usually, they will be closed on Monday and open on Sunday. “Why it likes that?” actually until now I still don’t understand about that but if we think logically maybe it stated on their job contracts or kind of laws also in here

Et voila!! those are some facts I can share with you all about Paris and like I said before if those are based on my observation and my experience since I know Paris and when Paris being on my adventure of life. For Parisian those facts above is normal but for me those are unusual and I just found it here, every place always have the unique side and for Paris, those facts are its unique side. So I hope it will be useful for everybody especially for you who want to visit Paris for the 1st time. Happy reading !! Ciao


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