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5 Tips How You Can Care For a Garden While Away

5 Tips How You Can Care For a Garden While Away

hmm, Did you ever had a bad feeling when you want to go on holiday cause of you worried about your garden will be abandoned? or maybe you have a passion for garden and love to travel but you are confused how you can care for a garden while away? I know it’s not easy to have both working well together BUT DON’T BE WORRY as on this post you will find 5 tips how you can care for a garden while away.

So, Talking about worried about the garden while you are away isn’t a public secret anymore as I, personally I had a little garden on my balcony, would like to see my little balcony? check on this post 😀 and I’m in the same boat like you, I worried about my little balcony while I need to travel to somewhere, and Hopefully my lovely Guest Ann from SumoGarderner whose really passionate with all the garden things will help us and for this chance, she would like to share with us about 5 tips for Traveling Gardeners – How you can care for a garden while away. yippeee!!!

and let’s check it out her tips for us.

5 Tips For Traveling Gardeners – How You Can Care For a Garden While Away

Finally… it is the time to go on a vacation and give rest to your soul, but what about your garden!! Who is going to water your garden in your absence?

You need a vacation but certainly not your garden!

The traveling gardeners often confront such predicament when they have to leave their gardens unguarded and find them close to being dead when they return. With a view to get rid of such obstacles, you are ought to figure out techniques for watering your garden. Let us quickly have a look at some important tips for traveling gardeners about taking care of a garden while away.

1. Provide Pruning and Weeding:

5 Tips How You Can Care For a Garden While Away


Before leaving for a vacation or traveling to far off areas, the most important tip to be taken into consideration is to provide weeding and pruning. Your garden requires this tip to remain healthy. Pruning is nothing but removing dead leaves, flower petals etc. Also, clean up the area and provide pests to keep the plant healthy. The healthy plants can carry few days of stress easily. Weeding helps in removing weeds that may cause damage to the plants from weeds. It is required because without weeding, the insects may eat the plants and refrain them from growing. So we better provide weeding and pruning to the plants before traveling for their own betterment.

2. Protecting Lawn:

Subsequent to weeding, another important thing is to cover your lawn. Now the question occurs why to cover and from whom? We need to protect our lawn from street dogs, cats or such animals and birds that can destroy our garden. Shield the lawn in such a way that it completely protects your lawn and provides security to the plants in your garden. Here covering plays an important role. The idea is not to cover plants from sunlight or air, but protection against animals. Therefore, technically it has to be done in a way that it camouflages the garden from external unwanted factors while allowing sufficient sunlight and air to peep through.

3. Soaker Hose:

5 Tips How You Can Care For a Garden While Away


This is another way to provide water to the lawn without being there. It is a porous garden hose through which water flows and release slowly from the walls. This is buried inside the mud under the plants. This makes the soil wet and eventually provides water to the plant. This is a low-cost technique to provide water to the plant in your absence. The only benefit soaker hose cannot provide is water to the leaves.

4. Avoid Trimming:

Here the trimming means cutting off the long grass. If we avoid trimming the long leaves and long grass before leaving, they may remain healthy and do not require water more frequent when compared to the freshly mowed lawn. The newly grown plants or leaves may require more amount of water, and that too more frequent. While the grown up does not require much water or care to be taken and they can survive long in our absence. This is how to avoid trimming works. Now let us move to the next tip for caring garden in our absence.

5. Appoint a person:

The last but not the least tip for taking care of lawn while being away from it is appointing a person to water the lawn. You can ask a friend with the same hobby who also loves gardening to take care of your lawn. Neighbours can help too. They can help in taking care of your lawn along with theirs. You can even appoint a paid person for gardening too. The above-mentioned are few easy and convenient tips to help you plan out a carefree vacation, and thus guarding your garden. If you have a garden, it is solely your responsibility to maintain. Before planning a vacation, you do a proper homework on where to go, what to do and where to stay. Similarly, a mere thought about the supervision of your garden would surely let you enjoy your holidays there while managing your garden here. Whether you are near or away, the plants and garden do require utmost care.

About the writer:


“I’m Ann, I have dedicated most of my life in gardening. This is a subject I enjoy the most. I have been a fan of flowers and plants ever since I was a kid. My twitter:



Et Voila, all the tips that you can try it out to take care of your garden while you are away, and I would like to thank Ann for this Guest post. Oh yeah if you would like to know more her and her knowledge of garden’s stuff check her blog and also follow her twitter 😉

5 tips How You Can Care a Garden While away

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