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3 Easy Handsewing Projects

3 Easy Handsewing Projects

Have you ever interesting for sewing some things for your little baby or your home or even just for giving you any pleasure after you saw many cute things to sew on Pinterest but you don’t have any sewing machine or even you never do any sewing?? I have been in that situation, I, you and every mom or future mom always have a mind to find a cute things or make the cute thing for our kids especially when we have a baby girl ( yes, baby girl always give many inspirations to make something cute to make them wear on :p).

Like I said, I ever had in this situation when you want to make something for your baby and you have a limitation of the equipment or skill to make it. I really like to do any D.I.Y, for me it’s kind of my passions before I have owned my little family I already start to make something easy and quick for myself, especially in sewing.

Until in my 20th Birthday, my parents saw my passion on it and they gave me the basic sewing machine as a gift (hufftts, it really long to convince my parents if I really passion on it). Before I have that I always do hand sewing for sewing the dress of my Barbie doll so I learn the basic hand sewing and since the machine is here I learn how to use that autodidact, learn by the internet, etc.

And when I was pregnant I search many things on Pinterest and gotcha!! I found something cute for my future baby but I don’t have my machine 😭, I let my machine in my parent’s house, I couldn’t bring here in France because the last time I came back to France it was alone and I didn’t think if I could bring that 5 kg machine alone and I didn’t so much place for my luggage also.

So, I had a limitation of “NO SEWING MACHINE” it almost made me down and postponed my mind to sew those things for my future baby. But I didn’t stop to do a search on Pinterest and start to pin it with the mind I will do it later when I bring back my machine.

But No, I couldn’t wait anymore and my will to sew it’s hard to resist then it made me think “ If I don’t have a machine to sew it’s not a problem I guess because I still have my hand to sew!! “ trad da aaa… why this thought just POP out now?? (I thought it POP OUT now because we are in hurry to prepare something for welcoming our new family member very soon).

The story began when we had our new baby bed and after the installation, we thought to put something to decorate it. so I decided to do it myself to make a little cover on our future baby’s bed. That’s the 1st project during my pregnancy. And yes just for sewing the easiest project ever I spent around 2 days (pfiouuh, it’s hard moment!! My finger was pain cause of holding the needle but I succeed!! 😁)

After the project was finished it gave me any new addict to make the other one but it had been waited for a few months for exact, when my baby was 3 months old I started to look back my board the place that I saved my pins before.

I choose which one I would like to try it out and I double check if I could do it by hand sewing because sometimes there is a project that seems easy and could do by hand sewing but still have a few part that really needs the sewing machine, after, all are okay. I print it out the pattern and instructions or marked it on my browser bookmark and the next day, I went to buy all the supplies that I need to make those things.

So far, I had chosen a few things to sew by hand even on the original instruction they are using the machine for sewing and it’s really easy to follow and to try it out.

  1. Simple Skirt3 easy handsewing projects
  2. Headband3 easy handsewing projects
  3. Baby Shoes Mary Jane
    3 easy handsewing projects

Some of those things I made are using the free pattern that offered by the D.I.Y blogger and some of the pattern it just with the rectangle form so, don’t need the specific pattern to make it. And I using the normal stitches and blind stitches for all my hand sewing’s projects.  And for the time for sure, it takes much time than you using the machine for sewing, so I could say it depends on your speeds when you do your hand sewing for the time exact to finish those items.

So, Nothing is hard and complicated to do if you really want to try it out with the other ways, if you don’t have one thing stay creative and find the other ways to make the thing that you want.

 “NO Machine is not a big problem, you have another thing that’s FREE and easy to use, it’s YOUR HAND!!”

KEEP CREATIVE and Happy Day, See you next !!

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