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What should you know about The Blogger Awards?


Are you a blogger?? need any appreciation for what you’ve done to your blog? I feel you guys!! I know being a blogger isn’t easy like what other people think. Most of the people who don’t know how the blogger life is will think “Oh, being a blogger is an easy job ever, you just … Read moreWhat should you know about The Blogger Awards?

The Sunshine Blogger Award

hello everybody!! The August is kind of magical moment for my blog as I’ve been nominated for 2 awards almost at the same time *dancing emoji* … yiihaaaa!!!😄 And those awards are The Lieber award and The Sunshine award. How exciting and really surprise to know if I’ve been nominated for these 2 awards, such of … Read moreThe Sunshine Blogger Award

Renewing My French Temporary Identity Card

When we talk about the system of the country, every country has the different method, system, ways for servicing the foreigner who lives in their country. And it’s normal as there is always have a good and a bad side for this. So my aim to write this is just for sharing and my shout … Read moreRenewing My French Temporary Identity Card