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My 1st knitting project – basic pull for 2 years old

Hello, Halo, Hola, Bonjour tout le monde!! Any moms here who follow me on Instagram?? if there, I think you know if I was busy for these weeks with my new activity “Knitting” for celebratingĀ welcoming the autumn, hahaha. Seem the autumn coming so early today as I felt cold easily, raining almost every day and … Read more

Spaghetti with Grilled Chicken and white sauce Recipe

Are you the fan of pasta especially spaghetti? This time I have an easy recipe ( like usually) for the mommy who is a beginner in the kitchen (a.k.a lazy, just like me hihihi šŸ˜‚) with spaghetti. Cause of that most of the time in my family, we often to eat the pasta or spaghetti-like … Read more

My Natural Birth Story

Hi, everyone!! Today I will continue my own pregnancy process as I have done 3 posts before about the beginning I’m pregnant, the phase I passed through, and for my unforgettable experience of Diabetes Gestational and finally, I’ve got my natural birth at the end. If you haven’t read yet my previous stories, don’t worry … Read more

FREE Fashion Show in PARIS, France

Begining of August, suddenly I read one of my friend posted on FB and asking if anyone would like to join her for an event because she had an extra ticket and she has no idea for that. It’s a bit eye-catching for me as she mentions “FASHION SHOW” for the event. What?? FASHION SHOW?!!FREE?!! … Read more

The Family Name, is it important?

Staff Adminitrative : Bonjour Madame, votre ID S’il Vous Plait? Me: Bonjour *I give my ID card to the staff* Staff looks on it and asked: INC, c’est votre prenom Madame? c’est a dire Quoi? (INC, is your name? what’s that meaning?) Me: Non, Ce n’est pas mon Prenom, bla bla bla *try to explain* … Read more

My 2nd Award – The Liebster Award 2017

Thanks, August!! You are such beautiful month for me, I have some wins from my blog, one of them is I’ve got my 2nd Awards!! Yeeeaaayyyy *dancing emoji* Who gives me such beautiful awards this time?? The person is Karla from, thank you so much dear for giving me this chance and considering my … Read more