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3 Easy Handsewing Projects

Have you ever interesting for sewing some things for your little baby or your home or even just for giving you any pleasure after you saw many cute things to sew on Pinterest but you don’t have any sewing machine or even you never do any sewing?? I have been in that situation, I, you … Read more3 Easy Handsewing Projects

Easy Peach Dome Recipe

Do you want to make any dessert but don’t have any idea or don’t know how to make it? Don’t worry, I will help you for that. This time I will share my simple cake recipe based on fruit and I can guarantee it’s really easy, quick and it’s for everyone and for any occasions. … Read moreEasy Peach Dome Recipe

Fish and Chip Homemade Recipe

I and Papa K just discussing the menu for a week (my hubby also participate to thinking of it also 😛 ) and we put the Fish into our meal plan. And we choose a weekend, why weekend? Because just only weekend we go to the market together near our home. Some of you may … Read moreFish and Chip Homemade Recipe

Baby Shoes Mary Jane – D.I.Y

When I had a baby, almost all aspects of my life was changing, from the things that I always targeted to buy, my lifestyle is different, and the most different is MINDSET, before I had baby, when I look something good or nice, I will ask myself for this frequent questions before I decide to … Read moreBaby Shoes Mary Jane – D.I.Y

Let’s Sing a Song with TopsTots

We are still in August right??!! but the weather here so bad since a few weeks ago, it’s more look like the autumn than the summer. where is the sun?? Huft, I felt bad also about this weather because I couldn’t take my toddler to play outside and that’s so boring. You know, toddler in … Read moreLet’s Sing a Song with TopsTots

The Blogger Recognition Award – My 1st Award

This month I have bad and good news, where should I start maybe for the bad one first. The bad one is my laptop is already hibernating for a month and PC at home also hibernating soon!! Which means I had difficulty to blog,😢😢 So for now, I’m using my hubby’s laptop and using my phone … Read moreThe Blogger Recognition Award – My 1st Award

Say Bye to Crib – Hello Toddler’s Bed

2 years 2 weeks 3 days, it will be the historical day for my baby and us also as her parents, why? Because I and her papa decide it to put away the crib’s bar. it’s time!!!, finally my baby now not more a baby but she is a toddler and welcomes to toddler life, … Read moreSay Bye to Crib – Hello Toddler’s Bed

Singapore is a Lion City of Asia

Have you ever visited Singapore? I think you ever been there even it just for transit to go another country, if not? it’s Okay I will share with you all here. So, who don’t know the Singapore? I think even you never visited it at least you’ve heard about it. So, Singapore is the richest … Read moreSingapore is a Lion City of Asia