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My Pregnancy Phases

For MOM to know the conditions of the baby will be kind of important during pregnancy and we also will experience some moment that called by the phase of pregnancy. Nothing scary with The phase of pregnancy just some of us will be different. How it could be?? It depends on the hormone each woman. … Read moreMy Pregnancy Phases

My Free Disney Book is coming (French Version)

I just checked my mailbox and guess what I found inside?? It was the box with the books inside, it’s from Hachette, the French children books publishing company. Actually I already wait for this around a month ago since there’s someone from Hachette calling me to explain about the technical things of those books because … Read moreMy Free Disney Book is coming (French Version)

I have a little thing on me ❤

Heyyaa!! This time I’d like to share my pregnancy stories in France, which is my lovely MOM not here, a bit sad and happy at the same time, WHY? Because when mom was here next to me, all my activities will be monitoring by her and for me, that really disturbs me a lot. My … Read moreI have a little thing on me ❤

French toast (Pain Perdu)

Hello, guys, today I’d like to share a simple recipe for French toast (PAIN PERDU) homemade, and this French toast it’s a bit different than usual French toast. this recipe I’ve got from my M.I.L (Mom In Law) honestly I never knew how to baking or cooking before I’ve got married and live far from … Read moreFrench toast (Pain Perdu)

Happy Papa’s Day !!❤

This few days I and my baby girl were a bit busy to hang out to hunt any gift for “Father’s day”, it was fun but really I’m not creative enough for finding the good gift for that occasion and other occasions that related with Man, I think you all also have the same mind … Read moreHappy Papa’s Day !!❤

Easy Cream Cheese Filling Pastry

Hi everyone, have you choose what will you do for this weekend? For me, usually, I choose to do baking. Actually, I really passionate about baking since a few years or the moment when I’ve got married and moved to France, since then I really like to search and try to do any simple pastry … Read moreEasy Cream Cheese Filling Pastry