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2# Summer Project: Crib’s Skirt Easy Tutorial

2# Summer Project: Crib’s Skirt Easy Tutorial

Have you ever had the sudden idea or plan because of something? Did you directly do what you planned? is it really give you any success or not? for me, yes I often to plan something or have any idea suddenly but it always disappears before I make it real because I am a “Forgetful Person“, So each time I have a plan I should write it in somewhere else to remind me for later to realize it.but for this time when I have my idea, I didn’t note it on somewhere but I try to keep in mind and try to think at that all the time to prevent the forgetness.

It already a few weeks since I take out the crib bars from baby K’s bed (I just take one of the side bars), so the 1st night when I try it out when for letting her sleep without the crib bars, it was 4 a.m. in the morning I and my hubby heard “ BOOUUMM” and continue with the crying of baby K. the sound quite loud on the night and success to wake us in the middle of the night.

Both of us thought baby K was fallen down when she sleeps and directly we checked her and actually, she was fallen into the base of the bed not under the bed. How it could be?? Uhm, actually the mattress has been moving when she sleeps (she moved a lot also while she sleeps) that’s why she was fallen into the base on her bed, not under her bed.

Since that morning I couldn’t sleep directly after allowing her to sleep with us. My head always thinking how to hold the bed to not moving again while she sleeps. Until I had an idea to make the crib’s skirt that has a function to decorate her bed and to hold the bed at the same time ( So, 2 in1). The morning around 11 a.m., I do the measurements of the bed size and plan it how to make it, etc. After all, directly I check all the supplies and start to make it.

Here what you need to make the crib skirt:
The bed size was 120 cm x 60 cm

  • 240 cm x 42 cm Fabric A (include the seam allowance)
  • 150 cm x 21 cm Fabric B (include the seam allowance)
  • 42 cm x 5 cm Fabric C (include the seam allowance) X 2
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Scissor
  • Sewing marker or crayon

Step by step:

  1. Prepare your fabric and cut into 3 pieces of Fabric A (240 x 42 cm), B (150 x 21 cm), C (42 x 51 cm ).
  2. Fold the Fabric A into 2 and fold around 2 cm for seaming and mark with the crayon or marker it into 3 parts 62 cm (side left), 116 cm (middle), and 62 cm (side right).
  3. Make the ruffles with the Fabric B, you need set your machine tension to be less than usual (for my machine is 7 and for my normal tension usually 6 or 5) and then use the straight stitch.
  4. For the Fabric C is for making kind of BIAS tape. So, you just need to fold by 2 and cut it after sewing it with normal tension and with the straight stitch. (Tips: for making the bias tape, you can use the special tools for saving more time than to do fold it manually).
  5. Gather the Fabric A and B together, you can put the fabric B into the middle of the Fabric A (as it marked before) for gathering that fabric together and don’t forget to pin it to make it stay on their positions when you sew it with the normal stitch or straight stitch.
  6. And the last one is to attach the bias tape to the side of the crib skirt, this one for attaching on the bed. Fold it into 2 and put in the middle of each side and sew it. Et Voila, it’s FINISH

To make this sudden idea from the morning I just need around one hour for finishing this project and I just use the cotton fabric for it. Surprisingly, what I thought during my early morning could be finished quickly and I already try it on and it’s WORK!!

Tonight, we will see if we still heard any sound from her room or not :). So, it’s my tutorial for the crib’s skirt, it’s easy and has a 2 in 1 functions. Hopefully, I have a good mood to make it directly and not just to thought about it like usual :P.

Happy Crafting mommas!! And have a good day and see you in next post 🙂 stay tuned !!

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2 thoughts on “2# Summer Project: Crib’s Skirt Easy Tutorial

  1. What a great way to make a crib skirt, I have been needing to make one of these for over a year LOL. I still lack a sewing machine but will return for instructions when I get one! Thanks for the easy layout sheet as well, really helpful!

    • HI, Ashley
      thanks for visiting, that’s great to know if really helpful 🙂 honestly, I’m a bit worried about my layout but I feel good now because it could help. btw, tell me if you already try it one 😉 have a nice day

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