The Blogger Recognition Award – My 1st Award

This month I have bad and good news, where should I start maybe for the bad one first. The bad one is my laptop is already hibernating for a month and PC at home also hibernating soon!! Which means I had difficulty to blog,😢😢 So for now, I’m using my hubby’s laptop and using my phone … Read more

Singapore is a Lion City of Asia

Have you ever visited Singapore? I think you ever been there even it just for transit to go another country, if not? it’s Okay I will share with you all here. So, who don’t know the Singapore? I think even you never visited it at least you’ve heard about it. So, Singapore is the richest … Read more

Free Hair treatment by Kerastase Indonesia

Hi everyone!!what’s up?? For me, I felt good but just a little bit struggling with my hair. Why my hair? Because since I moved in France and after baby, I felt my hair being weaker and more hair loss, as women, of course, I felt (really) worry about that.So, I’m still trying to find the … Read more

Diabetes Gestational While You are Pregnant

Hi everyone in one of my post about my pregnancy story, I have told you all if I had positive gestational diabetes, maybe some of you still questioning about those things like “what is that gestational diabetes?” ,“is it same like diabetes for normal people?”, “Is it cause of overweight?”, or “Is it really dangerous?” … Read more

2# Summer Project: Crib’s Skirt Easy Tutorial

Have you ever had the sudden idea or plan because of something? Did you directly do what you planned? is it really give you any success or not? for me, yes I often to plan something or have any idea suddenly but it always disappears before I make it real because I am a “Forgetful … Read more